Policeman: What car were the suspects driving?
Witness: They were in a Zaporozhets.
Policeman: So that makes it a push-by shooting.
Nature: Conjured Chimerical Item
First Encountered: 1.2 "All Your Base Are Belong To Us"; It came with the underground garage in the Hospital sanctum.
Item: Size: 11, Durability: 7, Structure: 25.
Handling: –4, People: 1+3, Acceleration: 5.


Effects: It's a car. It it drives. Despite all sane laws of physics indicating that it shouldn't.

Information: It's the idea of a car. Or, more accurately, the physical manifestation of the car featured in a 'category' of russian jokes. This means that it is, quite literally, a joke of a car.

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