Winds Of Chance
Arcanum: Fate ●
Practice: Compelling
Action: Instant
Duration: Prolonged
Aspect: Covert
Cost: None
Range: Self
Rote Pool: Wits+Subt

The mage can evade or attract good or ill fortune. Generally speaking, this effect is more a roleplaying consideration than anything else. If the willworker wants to find someone interesting to share a beer with on a Saturday night, such a person happens to ask, “In this seat taken?” in a crowded bar. Likewise, she could make someone’s morning commute a waking nightmare, causing him to get splashed by a passing car, harassed by an utter nutcase on the bus, and defecated on by a low-flying pigeon as he walks in the door 45 minutes late.

Quantum probabilities affect people's lives in all sorts of ways at all times. Mages manipulate these probabilities through this rote, creating runs of what most would consider good or bad luck. Nothing life altering, but certainly sufficient to make someone smile or to ruin his day.

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