It's the edge of the world
and all of western civilization

The sun may rise in the East,
at least
it's settled in a final location

It's understood
that Hollywood
sells Californication
Nature: Seer Mage
Path: Mastigos
Ministry: Mammon
Pylon: Pantheon of Hollow Dreams
Legacy: Facilitators
First Encountered: 2.4 "Give Us Our Daily Bread & Circuses"; Met during the mission briefing with the Watchdogs of Decency

Description: He's in his mid 30's, and has dyed his hair so it looks like that of the "real" Warhol.

Info: He is the oldest and most experienced member of the Pantheon of Hollow Dreams, and the guy in charge. Presley suspects he might have a bipolar condition. He does not approve of inter-pylon dating, but seems to have accepted it. The only member of the Pantheon not dating any member of our pylon.

Has a teacher called Eshu whom he called in to facilitate the making of the mutual non-betrayal pact, where Eshu helped with how to write it up, how to devise and then negotiate the terms, as well as magically enforcing the final contract once both parties agreed to it.

Warhol has previously been a member of (at least) one other pylon before this one, but that didn't work out, with him citing "Artistic differences" as the reason for him moving on and forming a new pylon for himself.

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