Von Hohenheims
MATTER–BLESSINGS lvl Dice pool Traits Effects
Dark Matter 1 Int+Occ - Mage Sight. Bonus to scrutinize solid/dense stuff
Detect Substance 1 Wits+Craft Conc,Area Locate instances of sought material within range
Recognize Toxins 1 Int+Medic Conc Sense presence of any poisons & what they do
Steel Windows 2 Int+Occ Touch Make item as clear & see-through as glass
Shape Liquid 2 Dex+Occ - Reshape liquid or vapor, can add Dur & move it
Manufacture Oil 3 Int+Occ E,1M/batch Create oil that can ''store'' item-affecting spells
Transmute Water 2 Int+Occ Touch Turn targeted liquid into a different type of liquid
Transmute Earth 3 Int+Occ Touch Turn a solid material into a different substance
Transmute Air 4 Int+Occ - Turn a gaseous material into a different gas type
Transmute Gold 4 Res+Occ Touch Turn a material into ''precious'' one, or vice versa
LIFE–BLESSINGS lvl Dice pool Traits Effects
Body Control 2 Res+Ath - Regulate body's automatic functions
Purify Bodies 2 Int+Med Lasting Remove poisons & drugs from target's body
Brain Chemistry 3 Int+Emp -Sta Make subject unstable/intoxicated, –1 social/sux
Nature: Proximus Dynasty
Parent Path: Moros
Patron Group: Silver Ladder
Arcana: Matter & Life
Nicknames: Alchemists, Bombastics
Character Concepts:
Themes: Alchemy, hermeticism, the Great Work, the quest for the Philosopher's Stone and the Elixir of Life.

Curse: Do not get the 10-again benefit from dice pools that use Presence, Manipulation or Composure. Furthermore, every 1 rolled on a die in these pools subtracts a success from their total.



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