Nature: Prelacy
Associated Arcanum: Space
Sponsoring Exarch: The Eye
Favored Ministry: Panopticon

Crown of Vision

1.Sense the Supernal Gaze: Can see own personal Sympathy ties, as ''correspondence'' spell, Wits+Invest+Space
2.Follow the Web of Chains: If has Intimate sympathy to subject, get +(Space) on Investigation & research
3.Adamantine Bonds: Pay 1WP dot to preserve a Sympathy link, so any change to it is only temporary.

Sword of Vision

1.Eye of the Exarchs: Ignore Sympathy-penalties from occultation & fame = (Space)
2.Cosmic Vision: Sympathy never reduced to ''Unknown'' lvl, as long as target exists (f.ex: ''leader of cult'')
3.Commune with Omniscience: Sympathy spell on a pattern doesn't need +1 Arcanum lvl, & don't lose Def

Temple of Vision

●Countering or dispelling Space spells of Seers is Vulgar & gets +(Temple dots) on Paradox pool
●Seers in area get +1 Occultation per Temple dot. Stacks with merit & can exceed normal limit of 3
●Seers improve their Sympathetic connection to all residents in area by +1 degree per Temple dot.

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