Path: Unknown
Ministry: Hegemonic
Pylon: Unknown
Position: Quirinius (emissary)
Agent: Virus (see below)
First Encountered: Technically, as far as group knows, they've not yet actually met Virus.
Notable Involvement:
●1.1 "Opening Gambits" - Contacted Maslow on Dispater's behalf to arrange his first meeting with the pylon.
●1.2 "All Your Base Are Belong To Us" - Provided secure communication between the PC's & the Geometers, to commission their new sanctum.
●2.4 "Give Us Our Daily Bread & Circuses" - Contacted PC's on Jante's behalf, to arrange his first meeting with the pylon.

Description: Thus far, the characters have only ever interacted with a Servitor who works for Virus, and who seems to speak on behalf of the reclusive mage. In fact, thus far this minion hasn't given any other name for himself, functioning as a stand-in for his master to such an extend that he even seems to answer to the same name.

This retainer, on the other hand, is strongly suspected to one of the "Hive-Souled", the signature Servitor-type of the Hegemonic Ministry. These beings happen to a sub-type of human altered so that each person has more than one body, all controlled by the same mind and soul. Each of their bodies can act simultaneously, even if they're far apart, and their joint mind is still aware of everything happening in each separate location without any problems.

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