VICE Definition Synonyms & Major Elements
Envy Wanting what another has or is.
Unhappiness at another's fortune
Jealousy, Resentment, Schadenfreude, Spite, Bitter, Self-esteem issues
Gluttony Over-consume & wasting resources Appetite, Voracious, Wasteful, Consuming, Inconsiderate
Greed Excessive desire to have or keep Avarice, Covetous, Hoarding, Stinginess, Rapacity, Grabby, Materialistic
Lust Over-enjoying experiences Addictive personality, Impulsive, Easily tempted, Indulgant, Thrill-seeker
Pride Excessive confidence/sense of self Arrogance, Hubris, Self-Centered, Vanity, Egocentric, Solipsism
Sloth Physical & spiritual laziness Apathy, Irresponsible, Unmotivated, Wasted potential, Careless, Despair
Wrath Wanting to injure or harm others Anger, Hatred, Violence, Impatience, Revenge, Sadism, Rage, Abusive


Seven deadly sins
Seven ways to win
Seven holy paths to hell
and your trip begins.

Seven downwards slopes
Seven bloodied hopes
Seven are your burning fires
Seven your desires.
–Iron Maiden,
"7th son of a 7th son"




Fulfilling: Depriving someone else of a benefit, not because you actually gain anything from doing so, but because you didn't have what they did (and so they shouldn't either). OR: When the character's attempt to measure up to others, or when trying to attain what others have, is more detrimental than beneficial.

●Leasing an extra car in order to appear just as affluent as the neighbors, and so ending up with crushing debt
●Getting your sibling fired from their dream job, so they'll be just as unemployed and unsuccessful as you

(where wrath is about the desire to inflict pain & misfortune on others, envy is about disliking and feeling bad about the prosperity of others)




Fulfilling: Fulfilling your appetites when doing so causes problems, either because it's actually harmful (to yourself or those around you), or simply by wasting resources that will be sorely needed later on.

●The character spends their entire paycheck on video games and candy, which means there's not enough money to pay the rent this month
●While trying to make a good impression at a high-society ball, the character can't stop himself when he finds out the drinks are free, and so ends up getting disgracefully drunk
●The character always smokes a joint or two when stuck on guard duty. One night someone breaks in, which means he now has to face down an armed robber while high as a kite

Comparatively: ●Among the Vices, its closest opposite is Greed; while both are about taking everything for yourself, Gluttony is about using up everything, while Greed is about keeping everything & not using or spending it. ●Its most similar Vice is Lust, which is also about indulging your desires, XXXXX ●Its most opposite Virtue is often considered to be Prudence, which deals with thinking ahead & planning for the future, where Gluttony is about ruining future prospects by indulging your desires right now, despite the eventual consequences. ●In this regard it's also often opposed by Temperance (like several other vices), since self-control allows you to resist your appetites when indulging them would be a bad idea.




Characterization: (Scrooge McDuck)
Fulfilling: Choosing to not spend or part with some of your possessions when it would be of notable benefit to do so, as well as when your attempts to own more put other concerns at risk. In short, whenever your desire to gain or keep wealth or other material resources becomes an actual hindrance or problem.

●Engineering a hostile takeover, which leaves hundreds of workers unemployed, just so you can earn millions of dollars
●Buying sub-standard survival gear & shabby wilderness equipment for the group, because it cost only half as much

Comparatively: ●It often gets confused with Gluttony, since both often deal with selfishly taking resources for yourself and leaving nothing for others, but the two are polar opposites when it comes to the how and why, since Greed is about refusing to use or let go of suff, while Gluttony is about expending needlessly, consuming and/or wasting it. Greed hoards, Gluttony uses up. ●Perhaps the most similar Virtue is Temperance, since it's concerned with (among other things) being frugal, to not expend more resources than is actually needed. Their telling differences lie in the fact that Greed opposes expenditures of any kind even when they are necessary, but perhaps more importantly, it's about wanting to have & own & keep things you don't need, while Temperance is about limiting yourself to only what you need.




Fulfilling: When the character chooses to give in to the temptation to participate in some activity they find enjoyable, when doing so will cause non-trivial problems for them. This could be because they should be doing something else, or because it's a hazardous action in itself, or because it'll compromise their interest, and so on.

Comparatively: Someone with Gluttony finds it difficult to say no to things (drugs, food, merchandise, etc), while someone with Lust finds it difficult to say no to activities (extreme sports, sex, violence, etc).









Characterization: Often misunderstood as just being "laziness", proper Sloth is actually much broader in scope, also covering spiritual 'laziness', carelessness, apathy, not taking joy from the wonders of the world, and as a furtherance of this, depression.
(Unlike most other Vices, which can be described as "too much", Sloth is often all about "not enough": Not doing enough work, not having enough motivation, not dedicated or responsible enough, and so on.)

●Ignoring health & safety concerns in the workplace, because that would be too much extra work to bother with
●Making someone else do a job that you really should handle yourself, when this could/will cause notable problems
●Not caring enough to help someone else, even when getting involved could be in your best interest.
●Choosing to not contribute to a cooperative project or undertaking, when you'll actually stand to benefit from the result.

Comparatively: The most similar Virtue is Temperance, which is also about inaction, of not doing something, but where Temperance covers resisting your own desire to act, Sloth instead covers not having enough desire to do so.




Fulfilling: Resorting to violence or destruction in a situation where this would be inappropriate, or when it simply isn't in the character's own best interest (which means that attacking someone in the middle of a heated battle is specifically not enough to get WP from Wrath).

●During a public political debate, you feel your opponent is so incredibly moronic and smug, that when you run out of arguments you just punch them in the face
●While on the phone with your boss, you get so angry that you hurl your personal (and expensive) cellphone into the wall, smashing it beyond repair
●Someone else ends up dating the person you've been in love with for ages, so when you walk past your rival's beloved car on your way home, you flip out and smash up the vehicle to vent your frustration & rage

Comparatively: ●The Virtue it's most often confused with is Justice, since it can at times be about people getting what they deserve, or punishment of the guilty. But Wrath is about payback and revenge, of getting personal satisfaction from inflicting what you feel is deserved on the people you think "did you wrong", while actual Justice is about obeying the law and the guilty only suffering what is actually deserved, which usually means involving an impartial legal system, to make sure that law and order is being served, not personal desires. ●Wrath can also overlap with Lust, since that Vice doesn't have to deal only with carnal impulses, but can also cover people with blood-lust: those who fall to the temptation of being violent not primarily because they're angry or have a desire to hurt others, but because they simply find it physically gratifying to perform violence. The difference is, of course, that where this type of Lust is about enjoying the experience of violence, Wrath is about using violence as a tool to hurt someone; a means to an end, not something sought out for its own sake. This sort of Lust would make you actively seek out stuff to be violent about, because you want more of that wonderful feeling, where Wrathful people usually want less stuff to be angry about. Wrath is about wanting to remove or destroy whatever makes you upset, where Lust for violence is upset when there's nothing more to inflict violence on. ●The other Vice which has most in common with Wrath is Envy, which makes you upset when others are doing better than you, (xxxx)



VICE Latin Color Animal Astrology Demon Lord Opposite
Envy Invidia Green Dog The Moon Leviathan Kindness
Gluttony Gula Orange Pig Jupiter Baalzebul Abstincence
Greed Avaritia Yellow Frog/toad Mercury Mammon Generosity
Lust Luxuria Indigo Bovine Venus Asmodeus Chastity
Pride Superbia Purple Horse The Sun Lucifer Humility
Sloth Acedia Blue Goat Saturn Belphegor Diligence
Wrath Ira Red Bear Mars Amon Patience
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