Věra Starosta

Nature: Sleepwalker
Type: 15-year old girl
First Encountered: 3.1 "Cleanup & Housekeeping"

Older Brother: Dragoslav
Older Sister: Regina
Father: Daughter of the industrialist soon-to-be national politician, Mr. Starosta.
Maternal Grandfather: Lubomír Kravitz

Description: Shy, introverted, quiet, doesn't say much. Often referred to as a "wallflower". This, compared to both of her older siblings being much more assertive and attention-grabbing, tends to make people perceive her as being s younger than she really is.

●Was 'possessed' by Maleficent through the use of a Profane Urim.
●Practices competitive riding, but cares more about her horse than about the actual competition.
●Isn't normally allowed to eat ice-cream (or candy), because she needs to watch her weight if she's to remain properly attractive enough.

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