Van Helsing Initiative


Nature: Pylon of Seers
Known Members:Beowulf, ●Gilgamesh, ●Perseus, ●Sigurd Fåvnesbane, ●St.George
Sanctum: The Hall of Heroes & The Hunting Lodge
Residence: Praha
Motto: "minatur innocentibus qui parcit nocentibus"1
Soundtrack: The Mob Song - Beauty and the Beast

Info: A seer pylon that trains, organizes and controls several groups of hunters.

They also have a large collection of weaponry.

We told them about our raid of Konopiště Chateau, which ended with them stealing the bullet that started WW1, and gave us a Werewolf pelt as a thank you.

They also gave Moriarty's sniper asset a hunter group to hang with in return for him occasionally using the asset on their behalf.


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