Mage Core p.235

The best policy for avoiding harm in a fight is to not be where attacks are directed. This spell enables a mage to perform slight intuitive “tweaks” on the local fabric of space to slip away from hostile attention. Generally speaking, this exceptional avoidance looks coincidental, something plausible for the individual in question. Thus, a seemingly clumsy mage blunders his way out of harm’s way, while a lithe, graceful martial artist flows like water, managing to avoid her enemy’s path at the last possible moment.

Arcanum: Space ●●
Practice: Shielding
Action: Instant
Duration: Prolonged (one scene)
Aspect: Covert
Cost: 1 Mana (optional)

The mage gains one point of armor per dot he possesses in the Space Arcanum. By spending one Mana, the Duration can be made to last for one day. Most mages cast such a shielding spell at the beginning of the day, as part of their morning rituals. Successes are used to combat attempts to dispel the shield.

Note that this magical armor applies against attempts to grapple the caster (both his Defense and Untouchable armor are subtracted from the grappler’s dice pool when he attempts to achieve a hold on the mage), but it does not protect against attempts by an opponent to overpower and/or inflict damage once he has managed to grapple the mage.


Silver Ladder Rote: Twisting Threads
Dice Pool: Wits + Occult + Space

By bending the weave of Space, a Ladder willworker can evade harm at the hands of enemies, as well as avoid injuries stemming from simple happenstance. Naturally, mages of all orders make use of similar rotes.

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