Nature: Otherworldly Dimension
Natives: Ghosts & Kerberoi
Accessing: Cenotes & magic powers & dying

Description: The bleak and lifeless land the dead, the final destination of ghosts.



Upper Reaches (Limbo)

The region of the Underworld which lies closest to the land of the living, stretching from the gates and graveyards at the "top" all the way down to the Rivers of the Underworld. Ghosts linger here until enough time has passed that they don't have very much left they personally care about in the world above, their friends and loved ones having lived to death themselves and society moved on. This apparently takes roughly a hundred years, after which the ghost feels "compelled" or "drawn" to cross one of the Rivers, le

Lower Mysteries (Tartarus)

Dead Dominions (Afterlives)



Avernian Gates

Graveyard Gates

Deep Gates







Old Laws


●Characters may choose to drink from them. What follows is a list of some the most known of the Underworld’s many rivers. Each offers different effects, both a positive & a negative one. Bonuses and penalties are not cumulative.
●Characters are able to take a draught (no more than a cup) of river water back to the world of the living, where it retains its properties for only 1 day per Wisdom dot

NAME River of… Effects of Drinking
Acheron Woe Get both +5 bonus on any roll to remember any painful or unpleasant
details or memories & "Depression" derangement, for 12 hours
Anahita Life
Cocytus Lamentation Can re-try the roll from last time lost morality, to not lose it after all.
If the reroll fails, drinker loses another dot
Eresh-ki-gala Dead Seed Next time drinker has (heterosexual) sex will result in a pregnancy,
and the resulting kid gets ''Unseen Sense (ghosts)''
Eriadnos Amber Get +2 on all Social rolls made to awe, impress, or seduce & has Pride,
must roll Res+Com to not indulge it when tempted, for 12 hours
Hun Hunahpu Bone Dust Heal 2L or 4B, but act drunk for hour (-1 dot in Dex, Wits & Int)
Hvergelmir Ice Immune to the ill effects of cold weather & turn all L dmg from cold to B &
don't show up on thermal-imaging devices, for 8h
Id-Kura Consumption Get +2 on all Social rolls against Ghosts in the Underworld, but also get
thirst deprivation (core p175) as if hadn't drunk water for 1 day per Sta
Kohan-il Pus Ghosts get -3 to attack you & can't heal damage, for next 7 days
Lethe Memory May ask a question to which they can't know the answer to get
that question answered in their own mind, but lose 1 dot of Int
Phlegeton Fire Get 1L dmg, but only get B dmg from Fire for 8 hours
Pishon Gold Get +3 dots in ''Resources'' Merit (to max 5) for 3 months, then lose
4 dots in it afterwards. If drops below 0, get horrible debt & ''Destitute'' Flaw
Qiq-ol-Mal Blood Get +2 on all attacks & -2 on all Mental rolls for 12 hours
Sinaan Scorpions Get 3L dmg, then intense foretelling hallucinogenic visions for 1 minute.
Many hints on what may come later in the story. Wits+Occ to interpret.
Styx Hate Regain 1WP & has Justice/Wrath for 24 hours.
River can also make an oath binding, so that breaking it costs 1WP dot
Urdabrunnr Fate Choose 1 roll in next 24h to get "Rote Quality" on,
but ST chooses 1 roll in same period to be automatic Dramatic Fail

Sacrifice Gates








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