Uncrowned Kings

Nature: Legacy
Parent Path: Moros
Parent Order: Free Council
Arcana: Mind (Primary), Prime (Secondary), Matter (Prerequisite)
Nickname: Coal-burners

Suggested Oblations: Engaging in physical labor; meaningful work (other than the calling he practices for his attainments, described below); leading others in a coordinated teamwork effort; practicing a craft or hobby (again, other than his attainment’s calling).
Example Characters: Metallurgists and foundry workers, carpenters, farmers, stonecutters and masons, scientists (applied) and laboratory technicians

Concept: Blue-collar philosophical alchemists, do-it-yourself physical work & crafting in order to hone own spiritual integrity & worth, "arbeidet adler mannen".




One type of work is their 'calling', must do at least 1/month. Int+Craft,30 min/roll,need sux ≥Mind
Using 2nd or 3rd attainment makes head wreathed in shining halo, due to purity of soul, visible only to aura-seeing spells
1.Nigredo: •Perm mind shield=Mind. •Can see own aura in items you've made/altered w. Matter; gives +2 on Mind-boosts for scn

2.Albedo: Select 1 Mental/Social attribute. Instant action to add +1dot/Mind for 1h (stacks w. spell, but at Trans duration)
Prime 3: Trying to affect your soul gets penalty = Prime, as permanent ''armor of the soul'' effect.

3.Rubedo: Choose 2nd Mental/Social attribute to also boost, as with previous attainment. Can use simultaneously.
Prime 4: Once per day, can gain 1M/sux from item you've made/altered w. Matter, but 1 Struct dmg/sux. Res+Occ+Prime


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