And if I'm flying solo
At least I'm flying free
To those who'd ground me
Take a message back from me:

Tell them how I'm defying gravity
I'm way up high,
I'm defying gravity,
and you won't bring be down!


2nd-degree Disciple of Death and Fate, Initiate of Matter,
1st-degree Prelate in the Sword of Corruption

Nature: Seer of the Throne & Player Character
Path: Moros
Ministry: Thanatoic
Pylon: Helping Hands Consortium
Soundtrack: Zombie - The Cranberries





Real name: Tommy Flanagan
Age: 48 (as per January 2014)
Born: 3 July 1965, Glasgow, Scotland
Hair: Black with silver lines
Eyes: Brown
Scars: Two facial scars, one on each side of his face, known as a 'Glasgow Grin' or a 'Glaswegian Smile'. Result of being attacked by thugs in Scotland.
Height: 6' (1.83 m)
Weight: 195 lbs
Body: Ectomorph
Clothing: Armyboots, Jeans, hoodie and a leather bikervest with a three headed dog on it.
Nimbus: you see small, white strings extending from other people to yourself. You feel the life-force flowing along those strings, out of their bodies, into you.
Occupation: Works as an mechanic in the garage at the Last stop. And member of the Motorcycle club that hangs there.


Notable Gear

Path Tool: A gold ring with a black sapphire carved as a scarab and placed on his left ring finger.
Order Tool: A black scarf with purple skeleton-heads and made of linen, perfectly tied around his neck.
Arcanum Tools:
Fate: Black and white gambling-chip with a reaper on one side.
Matter: A black half-helmet with silver lines.
Death: The vest of former president of the biker club.


Magical Style

Concept: "Nothing lives forever"
Favored Arcana:Fate, ●Death.
Favored Practices:Knowing, ●Ruling, ●Fraying.
Optimal Attribute: Resolve.
Unique Benefit: Has ●Veiling as a 4th Style-Favored Spell Practice.
Example Equipment: Write down a poem that fits what you want to do with the magic. Write it down in something temporary, such as sand, water or blood so it can be wiped away by age.


Known Merits

High Speech 1 (free for all mages with Order membership)
Status (Seers of the Throne) 2
Status (Thanatoic) 1
Resources 1
The Dragon's Tongue 1
Psychic Resistance 1
Sanctum 3 (Size 2, Security 1) (Last stop Size 2 Security 2)
Multi-Lingual 1 (Latin, Gaelic)
Steady Driver 1
Mystery Commands 1
Language: Czech 1


Political Influence

Rating: 1 dot
Agent: Watcher Six
TV Station: Expression 4
Power plant: Stealth 3
Traffic department Cop: Intimidation 3
Morgue: Occult 1

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