Transhuman Engineers

Nature: Legacy
Parent Path: Obrimos
Parent Order: Free Council
Arcana: Forces (Primary), Prime (Secondary)
Nicknames: Prime Movers

Description: Members of this Legacy believe that technology is the only true future. That with technology the world will be like or better than Atlantis ever was.


1.Connection: ●Hear any wireless transmission with Wits+Sci, visual with ExSux, as ''tune in''.
●Can then highjack w own voice for 1 minute/Gnosis, as ''transmission''. ●Can limit to 1 receiver, & symp range.

2.Dissolution: Make self invisible & silent for scene, as ''personal invisibility'' & ''sound mastery''.
Prime 2: Hide own aura from detection, obfuscated vs magic, sux = Prime, ca as ''transform aura''.

3.Activation: Can fuel any and all mundane devices desired within yards = Forces dots, of any type


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