Thread Cutters

Nature: Legacy
Parent Path: Moros
Parent Order: Guardians of the Veil
Arcana: Fate (Primary), Death (Secondary & Prerequisite)
Nickname: Euthanists

Suggested Oblations: Presiding over or attending funerals; self-mutilation; casting lots; meditating near a corpse; painting the image of a skeleton or the Three; burning flowers; traditional mourning (wailing and tearing clothes in some cultures); fasting.

Example Concepts: Assassin, executioner, doomsayer, gambler, private investigator, funeral director, cop, veteran.

Description: The Thread Cutters know what destroyed Atlantis and aim to prevent it from happening again. To that end, they ascertain a person or institution’s place in the great cycle, from Beginning to Being to Ending. If the first, they foster that person’s growth. If the second, they help maintain stability. If the third, they ensure a timely end — even if they have to wield the knife themselves. Others despise the Thread Cutters, calling them assassins and hypocrites, but they know that someone’s got to regulate destiny among mages who can so often thwart it.


1.Sense the Fraying Thread: Sense target's effect on world, past+potential. Wits+Emp+Fate gives:
1 sux: •Conditns in which char's most likely to fulfill Vice, •if has ever murdered, •condtns in which char's most likely to kill a person, & •whether has ever influencd someone to try to kill another
2 sux: •If their actns contributd to another's Morality loss or Vice fulfiild, +conditions it occurred in. •Conditns in which char's likely to inspire another to do murder, ca likelihood & possible scenarios. •Whether targets taken or broken magically enforces oath or not.
3 sux: •If char's indirectly inspired murder/Vice/Morality loss in Acqntd folk, or at 1 lvl socl separtn (f.ex membrs of same business, neighbor). Unintentnly, but must be primry cause. •Cndtns in which char's likely to inspire such actns. •If char's destiny's magically altered. •dots in Fame,Occltn,Destny
4 sux: •Whether or not char is primary cause of murder/Vice/Mor loss in Encntrd folk or 3O socl sep. •Condtns in which char might influence so in future. •presence & nature of direct magic influenc on char's mind & behavior. •target's probable influence on big institution (f.ex. business, Order caucus)
5 sux: •track target's full destructv inflnc on people,institutns & whole societies (defined as murder, indulgng Vice & Morlty loss), but in statisticl terms, 'moral calculus' of char's influence. •major turn points, like actns that'd lead to death & degradatn of many, stand out. Revealed as symbolic visions.

2.Preserve the Thread's Measure: Cloak+armor target's fate, Res+Emp+F, as ''occlude destiny'', at -2 per condition that'll end effect (if any chosen). To perceive or alter the destiny takes potency >sux
Death 3: Effect also gives -1/sux on scrutinizing target, as per ''suppress aura''. Both are Prolonged

3.Sever Thread: Target 'cut off' from world & ties to it for scene. 1M, Res+Emp+Fate–Com–Fame. Reduce equipmnt bonus of tools used & penalty on socl rolls relying on society/organiztn by 1/Fate. Can set conditions that'll end it, -2 on roll per added. Doesn't affect anything target's Intimate with.
Death 4: First person target kills while cursed becomes ghost, target as Anchor, unless it wins R roll

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