The Gate

Nature: Forbidden Exarch
Rules: The Abyss

Do not speak of The Gate. The Seventh Lesser Seal is the Dark Man at the Crossroads. She keeps the passwords to the Abyss that a mortal might use to cross the threshold – or that something from the Abyss could speak to enter the material plane. The Seers of the Throne are afraid of him.

The Exarchs rose upon one great idea: they could rule a world with limits and Flaws. But before the Fall, the cosmos could not be defined or contained. It gave birth to limitless wonders and horrors, and beyond the will of Atlantis’ mages, it made its own rules, unanswerable to even the High Speech.

The Gate changed that. The Gate found a world beyond the world, where mocking reflections existed, but no self-sustained existence. The Gate discovered the Abyss, or perhaps only named it – or maybe, these acts are one in the same. His name (or hers – few of the Exarchs have definite genders) is the legacy of this act. The Exarchs don’t want to destroy the Fallen World, but it can’t be their prison without the Abyss. They let a bit of the rot that dwells Beyond blind every soul.

They owe The Gate everything, but the other Exarchs’ visions always say: Do not worship him. Do not speak to her in your dreams.

Of course, not everyone listens

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