The Chancellor

"Ask yourself this: What will you get in return?"

Nature: Exarch; a Lesser Seal
Ruled Arcanum: Matter
Provided Prelacy: Scarcity
Governed Ministries: Mammon & Pantechnicon

The Chancellor is the Iron Seal of Matter, patron of Mammon, Pantechnicon and a dozen or more smaller Ministries of Seers. She is the queen of numbers and the king of measures. The Chancellor encourages human beings to think of their world and one another as commodities, teaches them to dehumanize those they hurt in the pursuit of profit, and tells them to murder one another for useless lumps of carbon or soft metal.

The Exarch of Matter promotes corporate capitalism and the commoditization of every resource. Water, air, people – they should all have a price, owner, and the ability to be bought and sold for profit. The Chancellor’s star rises under his Ministry of Mammon, and Seers whisper that he’ll one day be recognized as an Archigenitor. Human society is now so pleasing to the Exarch that he doesn’t need to control every boardroom or fiscal policy; a light touch by Seers here and there is all that is needed.

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