Het Boek des Levens

Nature: Grimoire
Author: Nicholas Kollar
Description: A large tome bound in thin and exquisitely prepared doe hide, dyed forest green and chased with silver.
First Encountered: 1.1 "Opening Gambits"; When the players stole it from a warehouse after finding it for sale on Ebay.


  • Contains a neutered, but apocalyptic plague, which has been used to write a diary/letter to Nicholas's lover.
  • Is known to allow the user to cast spells he would otherwise not have enough understanding of the Life Arcana to cast (at least one dot higher; further experimentation is needed to be more specific).
  • Contains a slumbering spirit of the book; a Tome/Plague spirit which may or may not be an unnatural hybrid.
  • Studying the book for one hour can temporarily cure depression.
  • The book affects nearby ghosts and can make them feel better.
ROTE Spell Dice pool lvl Traits
"Body Mind"
Body Control Int + Medicine Life 2 -
Wondzalf de Wonden van de strijd
"Salve The Wounds of battle"
Self-Healing Int + Medicine Life 2 L, 1m
Bloed van het Lam
"Blood of the Lamb"
??? Sta + Medicine Life 2 L, E
Aangebroken het Graf
"Reseal the Tomb"
(Perfecting of Life) Int + Medicine Life 3 L
Balsem van vleesch
"Balm of flesh"
(Perfecting of Life) Com + Medicine Life 3 L, 1m
Duurzaam lichaam
"Durable body"
Body Mastery Sta + Occult Life 3 -
De in mindere Steen der Wijzen
"The lesser Philosopher's Stone"
??? Int + Occult Life 5 +
Death 4
V, 1m

Translator: Typhon

E = Extended, V = Vulgar, L = Lasting, m=Mana cost (Assume Instant, Covert and Prolonged otherwise)

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