The Arkhitekton

Nature: Unknown
First Encountered: 1.1 "Opening Gambits"
Soundtrack: Mountain - Heather Dale

Description: A living, beating, human heart, despite the absence of a body to sustain it. Found within a severely locked chest in a centuries-old hidden subterranean lab.

Information: Has shown capacity for some telepathic communication, wherein it always began by asking people "Will you serve?", or variant thereof. Also called itself "The Master Builder".

Once Moriarty stated that he'd be willing to serve her, this apparently connected the two tighter than mere spatial sympathy normally allows, to the point where magic now seems to treat them as if they were parts of the same pattern/person/body.

We believe she was once a mage who's body was split into 50 body parts, one for each level of each arcana she knows, and each bodypart we find bring back a part of her mind and power.

The following body parts belonging to her have been located:
The Heart: Found in Nicholas's alchemy laboratory of Nicholas Kollar during 1.1 "Opening Gambits"
The Eye: Found in a part of the underworld during 2.1 "Loose Ends & Consequences"
The Hand: We suspect it is being kept in the old CIA headquarters based on a vision Orwell got in 3.1 "Cleanup & Housekeeping"

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