Thanatoic Ministry

Nature: Mage Organization
Faction: Pyramid
Status: Lesser Ministry
Patron Exarch: The Psychopomp
Favored Prelacy: Finality
Arcanum Specialty: Death
Responsibilities: Mortality, souls, funerary rites & practices, ghosts & hauntings, attitudes & beliefs regarding the afterlife, the undead, immortality & those who seek or attain it, the Underworld, the dead & dying.
Soundtrack: Oh Death - Jen Titus


One of the many 'lesser' ministries, not one of the Four Great Ministries who have truly globe-spanning Tetrarchies, this is instead a much smaller and more narrow organization with much less widespread power. The Thanatoic Ministry concerns itself with making sure that human society has the desired relationship to mortality and the afterlife, and keep the restless dead under control and serving the interests of the Exarchs, preventing them from running rampant in the material world and revealing the existence of the supernatural to the sleeping masses.


Thanatoic Seers

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