Temenotic Obelisk

Nature: Chimerical Artifact, 7 dots
Object: Size 10, Durability 7, Structure 17
Mana Pool: 11

Function: A crude but potent means of exerting low-level mental influence over a human population.


It appears to be a ten-feet high stone obelisk, capped with a steel pyramid and carved with faintly glowing runes in the High Speech that, translated by the Seers, prove to be partial instructions along with a dedicative phrase offering glory to the Kings of Atlantis. It weighs several tons, though in the dream-logic environment of the Astral Realms there are ways to move such an object.


When brought to the Astral representation of a community or place, the Obelisk can be commanded to take root by casting a modified “Telepathy” spell conjoined with the Matter Arcanum on it and mentally ordering it to activate.

The Obelisk then casts a spell based on “Dimensional Axis” to merge that Temenos realm with another of the user’s choice, this activation roll being modified by the user’s sympathy to the target realm.

Once done, obelisk uses Prime & Mind to merge the Resonance of the two.


●Floods the place–realm with foreign emotions & concepts from the artificially linked realm
●In Material world, everyone in purview of warped realm affected as though a Spirit with P+F dice pool of 8 used its Influence to instill the required emotions
●Contested by Composure + Gnosis
●Prolonged effects, lasts a week until Obelisk shuts off.


Astral explorers have come across shrines in the Temenos that appear to have been constructed by the ancient Atlanteans as way stations or experimental sites. Many students of Atlantean lore have supposed that these were intended as some kind of mass mind control, pointing to such Astral landmarks as evidence that the inhabitants of the Dragon Isle could and did make “improvements” to the collective soul of humanity. The magical science behind such things is assumed lost, but there is one dedicated team of Seers eager to recreate their forebear’s success. A pylon of unaligned Seers retrieved the Temenotic Obelisk from the heart of an Atlantean shrine deep in the Inner Worlds in 1996.

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