Tablets of Mamud Saĝ du

Nature: Grimoire, Inspired object
First Encountered: 2.2 "The Heart of Man / Choosing Sides"; Payment for the eye of The Arkhitekton

Description: Ancient stone tablets covered in cuneiform writings.

Info: Given to the pylon by Croesus and the Upper Crust on behalf of Dispater as a part of the payment for the Eye of The Arkhitekton. Mack and Mike seem to live in the tablets, and learning the rotes let them enter your Oneiros. Maleficent manifested the chimerical version of the tablets into the tablets, and then burned the information within it permamently into her head.


SPELL Arcana Dice pool Traits Function
Coaxing Object Spirit 1 Man + Soclz Give +1/sux to next use of item in scene
Cowing Object Spirit 1 Pres + Intim Give -1/sux to next use of item in scene
Analyze Spirit Spirit 2 Int + Invest Determine general powers of a Spirit
Control Spirit Spirit 3 Pre+Per–Rnk vs R Make spirit obey 1 command per sux
Enhance Élan Spirit 3 Com + Subt 1M Give self +1 dot per sux in 1 Social Attribute
Diagnose Health Life 1 Int + Med Conc Get ability to analyze disease & injuries
Honing the Form Life 3 Res + Ath V, 1M Give self +1 dot per sux in 1 Physical Attribute
Disguise Body Life 3 Sta + Stlth V Alters 1 cosmetic feature of own body per sux
Transfer Features Life 3 Sta + Surv V, 1M Give self 1 Base or Median trait per sux

V = Vulgar, L = Lasting, M=Mana cost (Assume Instant, Covert & Prolonged otherwise)

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