Degree ●● ●●● ●●●● ●●●●● ×
Level Sensory Intimate Known Acquainted Encountered Described Unknown
Ca bond ≤ 200 yards loved ones photo/live feed co-workers met once never met can't use
Casting –0 dice –2 dice –4 dice –6 dice –8 dice –10 dice N / A

Power of Names: If the caster doesn't know the target's real name, Sympathy is 2 Degrees weaker. This applies only for people. Connections to animals, plants, objects and places don't need a name.

Sympathetic Spells
●Requires adding Space 2 to spell
●Spell becomes Vulgar, even if normally Covert
●Cost increased by +1 Mana.
●Character loses Defense during casting.
●Enables target to do spells back at caster along same connection, even if they don't know Space 2, but still penalized by the level of Sympathetic connection. This lasts as long as the Sympathy spell does

If the sympathetic spell directly affects the target:
●Caster needs +1 dot in all Arcana required to cast the spell (except the Space 2 to use sympathy).
●If target has Fame or Occultation merits, rating becomes penalty on casting roll.

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