Legacies: The Ancient p.61

Some mages know buildings inside out. Some mages, with a little concentration, find that they can see and hear everything that goes on inside the buildings they have made or in those buildings to which they have a special link.

Arcanum: Space ●●●
Practice: Unveiling
Action: Extended
Duration: Concentration
Aspect: Covert
Cost: 1 Mana

The mage can cast this spell while standing inside any building with which she has at least an Intimate sympathetic connection, such as her home, her sanctum or a building she designed or built herself.

If she succeeds, the mage is aware of anything that happens in the building. She can see any movement and recognize faces, but cannot see close enough to ascertain fine details (for example, written text on a letter or in a book). The mage can eavesdrop on conversations, but can only listen to one conversation at a time, unless she uses the Mind ●●● "Multitasking" spell in a combined casting with this spell.


Silver Ladder Rote: The Eye in the Pyramid
Dice Pool: Wits + Crafts Skill + Space

Mages have been using this rote since the days of ancient Egypt, and the rote still survives today. Even if the buildings have changed, the sacred geometry of the buildings they work on still operates on principles established thousands of years ago.

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