Subtle Ones

Nature: Legacy
Parent Path: Mastigos
Parent Order: Guardians of the Veil
Arcana: Mind (Primary), Space (Secondary), Fate (Prerequisite)
Nicknames: Invisible Men, Ahl-i-Batin(i)

Suggested Oblations: Impersonating others, such as pretending to be a police officer and issuing tickets, or a stock-boy at the local convenience store; teaching others (the Subtle One could hold a real teaching position or pretend to be a substitute teacher); watching multiple television broadcasts at once to gain a sense of the social zeitgeist; practicing the art of camouflage by successfully hiding from another mage while within his vicinity

Example Concepts: Assassins, double agents (or triple, quadruple), diplomats, political advisors, architects, artists, songwriters



1.The Subtle Dance: Get ''incognito presence'' & mage sight of Fate for 1 hour, as instant action.

2.False Presence: Make target think you're different, as ''imposter'' spell, 1 sense/Mind, for 1 hour.
Also, can disguise own aura, both for emotional state & true nature, at potency = Mind.
Space 3: Can increase Sympathetic connection between 2 seen things +1 degree/Space, instant actn

3.Occlude the Mind: Edit target's mind, as ''breach vault of memory'', instnt actn, Man+Subt+Mind
Trivial memory (-0): Where left lunch money; that they saw person in ugly clothes walk by earlier.
Deep-seated (-1): Favorite colour; restaurant visited daily; shy & nice guy has worked there a year.
Life-altering (-3): Being parent of 10yr old; paralyzed neck-down until age 17; walked w.Jesus 2yrs
Redefining (-5): Almost total memory-wipe; redefine on all but most fundamental levels.
F.ex forget everything has learned about communicating w. others; or believe they're Napoleon or Joan d'Arc.
Space 4: Instant act co-locates self max places=Space, can multi-task ≤ 2 inst mentl/socl or 3 extnded


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