Study Final Name
Arcanum: Fate ● +Death ●
Practice: (Unveiling?)
Action: Instant
Duration: Varies
Aspect: Covert
Cost: None
Range: Sensory
Rote Pool: Int+Occ

The mage can read a recorded Final Name and understand its nature. They drink in the knowledge that this Final Name contains, the summation of all that its owner was.

TARGET Basic With Fate 2
Dead Prolonged Advanced
Living Transitory Prolonged

Mechanics: Used on a physically recorded ''Final Name'' that the caster can study, it gives the following:

●Caster learns Virtue & Vice of name's owner.
●Idenfitifes owner's Fate–sympathetic ties, finds 1 link per success, of max sympathy degree = sux
●Can search for type of connections (relatives, lovers, objects and so on) or just fish at random.
●Provides «Known» Sympathy to owner (usually Temporal, but also for Underworld summons, etc)
●Lets caster use sympathetic connections of owner as if were their own, but at 1 level lower. Extra successes can reduce this penalty even above original sympathy level (!!!), to max of ''Known'' (– 4)

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