Being a brief and inadequate listing of the various adventures and escapades performed by the player characters.

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Season 1 - What's Going On?

1.1 Opening Gambits

Soundtrack: Nobody's on Nobody's Side - Chess

●The Pylon searches for the Philosophers stone
●The Monopoly of Violence sends a SWAT team after Dian Cecht, which ends up causing an international incident.
●The Pylon finds the heart of The Arkhitekton
Moriarty agrees to serve The Arkhitekton
●The Pylon sells the heart to Dispater


1.2 All Your Base Are Belong To Us

●Meeting Armory of Gaia as they cleared out the Pylon's new Hospital sanctum from their earlier inhabitants.
●Hiring the Office of Geometers to rebuild the Pylon's Sanctum.
●Moving in, blackmailing the directors of the hospital, looking at the swanky cars.


1.3 Habeas Corpus (part 1)

Soundtrack: Get Out Alive - Three Days Grace

●The dead rise within the hospital where the pylon's new sanctum is located
Maslow is cursed by the arisen dead
●Meeting and playing cards with The Vampire of Prague while trying to get the contact information for the Phantom Tollbooth
●Eventually discovering the immanent invasion Kostěj Nesmrtelný and his army of ghosts.
●Team up with the Riders of the Apocalypse


Season 2 - Whom Do You Serve?

2.1 Loose Ends & Consequences (part 2)

●Finally preventing the long-anticipated opening of the Deep Gate
●Unintentional visit to the Underworld
●Acquiring the eye of The Arkhitekton, then selling it to Dispater


2.2 The Heart of Man / Choosing Sides

●Get the Tablets of Mamud Saĝ du from the The Upper Crust as payment for the Eye of The Arkhitekton, saving the life of Croesus in the process.
Astral quests to gain Prelacies
Dian meets Mack and Mike, the snakes in his head.
Moriarty meets Professor Moriarty
Moriarty meets Maleficent for the first time, as she's being assaulted by Mr. Hyde.


2.3 When A Plan Comes Together

●The new pylon-member, Maleficent, arrives
●Impromptu museum-heist arranged as a "team-building exercise"


2.4 Give Us Our Daily Bread & Circuses (1)

●Beginning of the Election Project
●Meet the Pantheon of Hollow Dreams and the Watchdogs of Decency, and jointly making plans for Phase 1 of the project.
●Have social meetup with that pylon later on, developing solid bonds with them.
●Starting to get properly involved in local pyramid politics.
●Gave Porlock our real names so he could help us investigate the Pentacle conspiracies
●The chess-set in the broom closet, and the investigations into the King in Red.


Season 3 - What Are You Worth?

3.1 Cleanup & Housekeeping (part 2)

Spider monster
●Meeting Kazimir Làska's fiancee and dog.
●Find out that Kaz is an "Abaddon"-mage, then launch him at the Pantechnicon
●Meeting up with Croesus of the Upper Crust, and making several business deals with him & his pylon (buying/renting items, getting intel, beginning arrangements to get access to Old Money, etc).
●Analyzing all the magical loot & bling.
●Dealing with upcoming assassinations & blackmail & sabotage
●Spying on Pentacle conspiracies (The Yin-Yang Inversion Lodge, Champions of Capitalism, old-school theologists, idealistic street cops, loony ladies)


3.2 The Long-Expected Parties

Orwell brings Moriarty as his date to the charity dinner of the "Loony ladies".
Maleficent's quest for the Prelacy of Obligation.
Dian Cecht meets and is put on probation by Samael ha-Mawet in the old Jewish graveyard. He also meets the old theological-minded men having a secret midnight meeting there, and petition to join their covert debate club.
●Orwell & Presley have a combined night-time research session & romantic picknic in the city library, where they by pure chance come across the illusion of a hoax, which turns out to be a grimoire.
●Most of the pylon attend (whether in person, proxy, or possession) the first big public debate/PR event which in a way marks the beginning of the overt part of the presidential election campaign.
Baskerville makes a demonic pact with Dragoslav Starosta, who later uses his newfound powers to steal every positive memory his father have of his more accomplished sister
●Completing Phase 1 of the Election Project
●Maleficent permanently and irreversibly burns the entirety of the expanded contents of the Mamud Saĝ du Tablets into her consciousness, then agrees to become the "High Priestess"/"Bishop" of the Red King.


3.3 Falls The Shadow

●Beginning of "Phase 2" of the Election Project, and planning session thereof.
●Pylon meets "Ian" in The Bad Hand after using fate magic to find Dian Cecht a date with resources useful for the Pylon.
●Pylon meets Nobody in the chocolate museum, and give over their true names and final names in order to get access to a Paternoster library containing information on strange and weird awakenings.
●The pylon goes on an astral adventure to the Land of the Ancestors inside Maleficent's Oneiros. Dian goes underground to learn about death while the rest of the pylon both climb and are eaten by a mountain.
●The Astral adventure continue onwards to the Anima Mundi so the Pylon can meet the Red King. The Pylon finds the Garden of Enlightenment and Understanding. The Pylon meets Dian's personal Death.
● Worms are chased, snakes fought, wolves hunted and strange victory rituals are held.
●The Pylon arrives in a strange, red colored land. The Pylon explores a pool of blood that turns out to be Dian. Inside him, they find The Red Court and meet several strange creatures and a throne that seems to be linked to the The King in Crimson. The throne was also linked to Dian's spinal column, as the Pylon found out when Maleficent started experimenting with it.


Season 4 - ???

4.1 ???

●The Pylon visits the Library of Awakenings and learn more things about Kazimir Làska. Then the Pylon lures him into a trap and tricks him into eating the Poisoned apple.
●Maleficent inadvertedly flenses the souls from 25 comatose sleepers by punching the sleeping Kazimir Làska. The Pylon decides to go on another astral journey, this time to Kazimir's Oneiros.
●Moriarty discovers Abaddon inside Kazimir's Oneiros, and starts pissing it of.
●Moriarty takes controll over the Abaddon watchtower, and let's all the glorious abyssal power go a bit to his head.
●The pylon convinces Kazimir laska to sacrifice himself to bring his fiancee back to life, therefore hopefully permamently removing the abyssal watchtower. We hand his ressurected fiancee over to Porlock.


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