Stone Scribes

]Nature: Legacy
Parent Path: Moros
Parent Order: Mysterium
Parent Ministry: Thanatoic (Name-Takers only)
Arcana: Fate (Primary), Death (Secondary & Prerequisite)
Nicknames: Namers (original group), Name-Takers (heretical branch)

Suggested Oblations: Practicing gematria, meditating while intoning sacred names of gods, angels and demons, carving a tombstone, taking grave rubbings, extending a family history back another generation or discovering a new relative on a family tree
Example Characters: Cancer-ward doctor, nursing home attendant, combat journalist, historical biographer, Name-Taking killer, prison guard, gravedigger, police photographer, obituary writer.

Description: Members of this Legacy collect Final Names, a recording of the resonance & sympathies a person developed throughout their lifetime. This is a sacred act to make sure people and their lives aren't forgotten, even when they aren't mentioned in history books, even after those who remember them have all died as well.


1.In Memoriam: ●Instantly do ''Scribe Final Name'', 1 sux/Fate. ●Instant action to get ''Grim sight''.

2.Unearth the Stone: Find "Final Name" post-humously. Max time since death: 1 prolonged factor/Fate
Death 3: ●Use Advanced Prolongation instead. ●Reduce penalty for missing sympathy links by -1/Death.

3.Name-Taking: Get Aura+Resonance+Sympathy of "Final Name".Wits+Subt+Fate,+1 Duration Factor/Fate.
Death 4: Can use on ghost/revenant/vamp, can edit 1 anchor/passion per sux
Death 5: Uses Advanced Prolongation duration.


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