Staff of Sorcery

Nature: Imbued Item (●●), Enhanced Item (●)
Type: Chimerical item

Description: The Chimerically manifested staff of Maleficent from sleeping beauty.

Effects: Functions as a grimoire, and it has been enhanced so the user can bring along a mental version of into the Astral.



SPELL Arcana Dice pool Traits Function
Aura Perception Mind 1 Wits + Emp Conc View emotional states as colors
Emotional Urging Mind 2 Pres + Emp vs Com+G Alter the emotional state of others
Synchronicity Fate 1 Wits + Street Get clues from random events

V = Vulgar, L = Lasting, Conc = Concentration, M = Mana cost (Assume Instant, Covert & Prolonged otherwise)

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