Shaxia Shan
BLESSINGS Arcanum Dice pool Traits Effects
Astral Beacon Mind •• Int + Occult Extended Mark area with resonance; knowing it works as shortcut
Mental Shield Mind •• Res + Occult - Armor vs psychic effects & pierce illusions w.rflxv G+Mind
Lift Astral Barrier Mind ••• Man + Empathy 1M/target Pay cost of entering the astral for others (even sleepers)
Astral Invitation Mind ••• Res + Empathy Touch Target can enter your Oneiros as if it was their own
Dream Traveler Mind •••• Man + Occult vs Com+G Project into target's dreams (in ''normal'' nightly sleep)
Summon Astral Being Mind •••• Pres+Exp-Symp vs R Brings native Temenos–creature into the material world
Silver Threads Mind •••• Man + Socialize 1M/use Links group to make finding each other easy
Chimeric Manifestatn Matter •••• Pre+Craft-Symp E,Ad.Pro,1M Endow a suitable object with the traits of an astral object
Empower Hallow Prime •••• Res + Survival Ext,1M/+1 Increase a Hallow's rating by +1 per sux>initial rating
Nature: Proximus Dynasty
Parent Path: Mastigos
Patron Order: Silver Ladder
Arcana: Mind, Matter, Prime
Nicknames: Dreaming Butterflies, Poets, Chimericals
Character Concepts:

Curse: Don't suffer WP loss from Astral harm. Any injury, poison, illness or harmful effect that's inflicted on them while in the Astral is also suffered on their actual physical body in the ''real world''

Special Merits: Atlantean Hesychia •



Empower Hallow

Arcanum: Prime 4
Practice: Perfecting
Action: Extended; requires sux = the final dot-rating Hallow is increased to
Duration: Prolonged (one scene)
Aspect: Vulgar
Cost: 1 Mana per dot added
Effect: The targeted hallow increases in power for as long as the effect lasts, adding no more to its rating than caster's dots in Prime, up to a max level of 5 dots. This only increases the hallow's daily Mana production once the boost has been in place for at least 24 hours. If the target is brought to a rating of 5 it can be used to access the astral realms, just like naturally-occurring 5-dot hallows.


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