Sharpshooter's Eye
Arcanum: Fate ● +Space ●
+Life or Matter
Practice: (Knowing?)
Action: Instant
Duration: Special
Aspect: Covert
Cost: None
Range: Self
Rote Pool: Com+Firearm

In driving rain, at night, aiming at the smallest of moving targets, the willworker armed with this spell might just make a shot if her skill is sufficient for the task. This magic eliminates all of the minor random factors that conspire against ranged attacks, while giving the mage a flawless lock on an object or living creature within her normal line of sight. It cannot be used to shoot around corners, but it can be used to shoot a hummingbird out of the air or to put a hole directly through the middle of a playing card flicked up into the air.

Mechanics: The mage uses Life 1 to get a lock on a living creature or Matter 1 for an object. Each success reduces 1 die of ranged combat penalties normally due to:
●The target’s Distance (range penalties)
●The target’s Position (f.ex. being prone)
●The target’s Size (for very small targets)
●Can even apply to penalties for aiming at specific targets (f.ex. an enemy’s hand, or the object he holds).

…or environmental factors, such as ●darkness, ●snow, or ●anything else that doesn’t directly work upon the mage herself or serve to physically shield the target.

The spell doesn't eliminate cover penalties.

The spell is applied to the next roll the caster makes against the target onto which he has locked. If the target leaves his direct sight before he makes his shot, he loses the lock and must cast this spell again to achieve the same effect.

This spell can't be cast in combination with the Space 1 “Spatial Map” spell; only one spell (the one with the highest Potency) takes precedence.

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