Nature: Prelacy
Associated Arcanum: Matter
Sponsoring Exarch: The Chancellor
Favored Ministry: Mammon & Pantechnicon

Crown of Scarcity

1.Fruits of the Earth: Can use Resources dots as Status against any Sleeper or Seer
2.Worth is Cost: Use items as if Equipment Rating = item's Resources cost ≤ (Matter)
3.Rewards of Heaven: Can 'charge' M taken from hallow, turning if off, max=(Matter).
Each such 'charged' Mana has an effect as if it was 3 Mana when it's spent.

Sword of Scarcity

1.Gilded Treasure: Ignore difference between ''precious'' & ''common'' materials in regard to magic
2.Levers of the World: Can dedicate a number of Path or Order Tools = (Matter)
3.Key to Heaven: Select Tools ≤ (Matter). These reduce Paradox pool by 1/2 (Matter), rounded up

Temple of Scarcity

●Countering or dispelling Matter spells of Seers is Vulgar & gets +(Temple dots) on Paradox pool
●For non-seers, not having the proper equipment for a task, or casting Matter spells without a Tool, gets additional penalty = (Temple dots).
●Seers get +1 bonus on Matter spells for each of their own (applicable) Tools they actually use in casting, to max bonus of +2/(Temple Dot)

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