Nature: Spirit being
Type: Elemental
Influences: Water, specifically the river
First Encountered: 1.1 "Opening Gambits"

Description: A trio of thin, graceful young ladies clad in white gowns, seemingly dripping wet as if they had just climbed out of water, with pale clammy skin and a hungry look to their eyes.

Info: These dangerous "river-maidens" are spirits of waterways where humans have lived and worked and died for centuries, adding an aspect of drowning to the otherwise unpredictable and treacherous temperament of water elementals.

A trio of them had been sent after the pylon during the quest for the Philosopher's Stone, and caught up with them as they were heading back to the Last Stop in a taxi, whereupon they almost drowned the cab-driver to death and caused the vehicle to crash. Were eventually sent away by the combined efforts of Baskerville's violence and the spirit-magics of Dian.

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