Ring of Gyges
For all men believe in their hearts that injustice
is far more profitable to the individual than justice,
and he who argues as I have been supposing,
will say that they are right. If you could imagine
any one obtaining this power of becoming invisible,
and never doing any wrong or touching what was
another's, he would be thought by the lookers-on
to be a most wretched idiot, although they would
praise him to one another's faces, and keep up
appearances with one another from a fear that
they too might suffer injustice.

No man can be imagined to be of such an iron
nature that he would stand fast in justice.
No man would keep his hands off what was not
his own when he could safely take what he liked
out of the market, or go into houses and lie with
any one at his pleasure, or kill or release from
prison whom he would, and in all respects be
like a god among men.

Then the actions of the just would be as the
actions of the unjust; they would both come
at last to the same point. And this we may truly
affirm to be a great proof that a man is just,
not willingly or because he thinks that justice is
any good to him individually, but of necessity.

For wherever any one thinks that he can
safely be unjust, there he is unjust.
—Plato's Republic

Nature: Imbued Item (●●●●)
First Encountered: 2.2 "The Heart of Man / Choosing Sides"; Part of payment for the Eye of The Arkhitekton

Description: A plain, unadorned, simple golden finger-ring.


●When the wearer activates the ring, they target themselves with the Forces 3 effect ''Personal Invisibility''.
●The roll is (Gnosis+3), it's Vulgar, costs 1 Mana per activation, and has Concentration-length duration.
●Others can try to pinpoint an invisible person through hearing or smell (assuming they have advanced olfactory senses), as per the ''Fighting Blind'' rules (p166, WoD core).


●The wielder must maintain concentration on this effect as an Instant action (which means they can't cast other spells while maintaining invisibility).
●They also can't make quick movements (can’t move more than 1/2 their Speed), or gain their Defense, while so concentrating.
●If wielder does either of these 2, they can be seen as a prominent blur or refraction of light, allowing others to freely target them (as if the wielder were barely concealed, with a –1 dice penalty) on the turn in which they move, and before the wielder acts again on the following turn.
●Merely moving too fast or choosing to apply one's defense against an attack doesn't end the invisibility effect, however, unless the wielder chooses to stop concentrating entirely.

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