Riders of Pegasus

Nature: Legacy
Parent Path: Obrimos
Parent Order: Adamantine Arrow
Nicknames: Voyagers, First Mates, Quartermasters, Shipwives (derogatory)
Arcana: Space (Primary), Matter (Secondary), Forces (Prerequisite & Secondary)
Example Oblations: ●Perfoming maintenance on bonded vehicle, ●chart a course through untamed & unknown territory, ●lead a crew, ●be part of an exploratory expedition, ●participate in a vehicle race.



Basics: ●They "Bond" with 1 vehicle at a time. ●"Vehicle"–labeled powers only work on "Bonded" vehicle ●Bonding takes 1WP & 1 day.
1.Vessel Awareness: ●Can ''Scry'' on & around vehicle, at area factors=Drive dots. ●Constant ''Forces Sight'', at sux =Forces+Surv.
2.Cargo Capacity: ●May expand vehicle's interior to (Volume×Space). ●Can do ''Double shape'', on items≤ Survival.
Matter 3: Repair vehicle, even apportate missing or lost pieces, as per ''Reassembly'' spell; reflexively fix 1 structure/Mana spent
3.Winds of the Void: Warping space gives vehicle propulsion: Acceleration=sux, +1 Handling/Space, Int+Sci+Space
Forces 4: As ''Control Velocity'' on vehicle for 1WP, may double or halve Speed per Drive dot (1M to readjust) until disembarks or sleeps


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