Adamantine Arrow p.186

Similar to the Ban spell, except the mage creates a small area that moves with the caster in which the specified phenomenon may not enter.

Arcanum: Space ●●● + Conjunctional 1 to 5 (depending)
Practice: Shielding
Action: Instant
Duration: Concentration
Aspect: Vulgar
Cost: None

The mage combines this spell with an Arcanum of appropriate level to control the phenomenon she wishes to ban (for example, Matter 2 for vapors and liquids, or Forces 3 for electricity).

As long as the mage concentrates on the spell, the target of the “Repel” rote may not enter a one-yard radius “bubble” around the caster.

This rote was designed to provide temporary relief from a simple phenomenon (such as "falling rock", "fire" or "hail"). Choosing a more complex phenomenon (cars, bears, your creepy Uncle Jimmy) can impose up to a –3 penalty to the casting roll depending on specificity of the target phenomenon. F.ex:
●"Uncle Jimmy" is pretty specific, and would result in a –1 penalty
●Choosing "cars" is a broader category, resulting in a –3 penalty

Repel will protect you from only one type of phenomenon at a time.


Adamantine Arrow Rote: Mantlet
Dice Pool: Resolve + Occult + Space

Members of the Adamantine Arrow frequently use this spell as a means of safely advancing while under fire from mundane ranged weaponry. Bullets, arrows and rocks are easily deflected by this spell as the warrior advances on foot. Captured enemies have been reported as saying they found it disheartening to fire a full clip from an automatic weapon at a target with no effect.

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