Reclamation Professors

Nature: Legacy
Parent Path: Acanthus
Parent Order: Mysterium
Arcana: Life (Primary), Time (Secondary), Matter (Prerequisite)
Nicknames: Tomb Raiders, Archaeomancers
Examples: Pulp-adventurer, archaeologist with a gun, black market antiques dealer

Concept: Consolidating relics of the past, one ruin at a time, until enough has been collected that it's possible to recreate the lost mystical wonders of the ancient world.


1.No Stranger to Danger: ●Get Armor = Life dots for scene, can stack w. armor spell, but then at Transitory duratation
●Csn detect secret compartments, hidden doors, etc. Roll Wits+Invest+Matter, ca as ''find the hidden hoard''.
2.Veteran's Reflexes: Reflexively get highest of Wits or Dex as Defense for 1 turn/Life dot, 1M/use.
Time 3: Touch item, or fragment of, to learn outline of its history, Int+Invest+T. 1 sux ≈ 2-3 paragraphs of info, 2 Sux ≈ 1 page, 5 sux ≈ 15-20 pages.
Death 1: The optional power can also be used on human remains.
3.As Good as New: Reflexively heal self, 2B or 1L per M used. If has B dmg, must heal that first.
Time 4: Right after failing non-magic action, 1M to reflexively & retroactively add dice=Time to the roll, 1/turn.



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