Reading The Outmost Eddies
Arcanum: Fate ●
Practice: Compelling
Action: Instant
Duration: Prolonged
Aspect: Covert
Cost: None
Range: Self
Rote Pool: Wits+Invest

Some twists of fate and fortune are too small and insignificant to warrant much in the way of prophetic powers. Destiny rarely hinges upon a coin toss, though a hundred bucks could ride on one. Some believe that this spell creates a small manipulation of chance, while others maintain that it just gives a mage an idea of what’s coming next. In either case, the results are the same. The caster knows the outcome of some small random (or mostly random) action in her immediately vicinity.

Thus, she may know from which roll of scratch-tickets to get her Lottery ticket in order to win something (not necessarily the grand prize, but definitely $20). The spell cannot bring about a life-altering change. Nor can it be used to change the probability of an event already set in motion. (you couldn’t use the spell on a scratch-ticket you’d already bought, but must use it before buying one ticket out of many.) Nor may the spell create any chance that an impossibility will come to pass.

Those who attempt to use the spell repeatedly to build up to a life-altering change (buying ten thousand $20 winning tickets over the course of one week) often find themselves punished by fortune, subject to all manner of ill luck.

Mechanics: A simple success results in small turns of immediate or nearly immediate good fortune pertinent to the caster’s current circumstances (like which vending machine will drop that dangling candy bar the last guy paid for and gave up on after it got stuck on the rotating coil). An Ex.Sux yields the high end of small good fortune (say, turning down the left-hand alley rather than the right one & finding the runaway cat for which the owner has posted fliers advertising a $100 reward). Successive attempts to use this spell for the same goal are considered vulgar.

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