Things that have been said during sessions, whether in-game or out-of-game:

Typhon – Yeah, but what are you people worth?
ST – ….wow. We haven't even begun the first session yet, and with that you've already earned xp for the first "stumble across vital stuff" achievement.

Dian Cécht: When all you have is a hammer…
Orwell: Everything looks like a diamond.

ST - *looks questioningly over at player*
Johannes - My pants are all a-quiver.

Moriarty – This is why new beginning-level mages can actually have obstacles at times

ST – Sure, he might've been born & raised in Lofoten, but that's why he entered university and moved to Bergen as soon as he grew up: to get away from all that small-town stuff and live in a more urban and civilized environment.
Johannes – And now he gets to taste the fruits of that civilization! *Chloroforms & abducts the guy*

Jan - So, are there any handjobs left?
ST - My first reaction there was "What?!? Handjobs are a finite resource now? How can you run out of handjobs?!?"
Magnus - We have mages of Mammon. We can make a scarcity of anything

Johannes - It's Europe. It's not like you can even throw a rock anywhere without it hitting history.

ST - Yes, you're holding a fleshy, beating heart!
Espen - Must. Resist. Urge. To. Eat!

Typhon - We could kidnap a Mystagogue.
Dian Cécht - That's your answer to everything.

Dian Cécht - That's right, he can't give us money or even flick light-switches. What are you for, any more?!?

Moriarty – Why would you leave the choice up to people, when you can leave it up to cold unfeeling machines?!?
Maslow – Exactly! They're SO much easier to bribe. They don't have all those pesky ''love'' and ''honor'' things.

Moriarty – Are you actually going to prevent me from getting laid just in case we meet a unicorn?!?
Maslow – Not only that, there's all sorts of things that want virgin sacrifices.
Moriarty – Because if you do I will shoot you. With ALL the bullets.

Jan – The angel of death is coming?
ST – No, he's sitting at your table, not drinking anything.
Johannes – Yeah, you'll have to seduce him first.

ST – Significant discovery?

ST – Mhm, it's variant of bioremediation, which is sort of thing where they use algae to clean up an oil spill, but with nature-spirits instead.
Dian Cecht – Active terrorists? Apply spirits: Problem solved!
Moriarty – But terrorism IS a natural phenomenon!

Jan – Jeg liker fargen av daue folk.

Moriarty – Maybe I NEED a bomb. For the feng shui.
Moriarty's Player – I don't even know what that means.
ST – Interior decorating. Mystical interior decorating.

(Players are visiting a bank, to get some ancient stone tablet grimoires out of the vaults).
Moriarty's phone rings
ST – It's Porlock, your mentor. He just says a single word.
Johannes – Run?
ST – Nope.
Jan – Duck!
ST – Exactly!
(Moriarty hits the deck, then there's a dramatic shootout-sequence)
Croesus – (bleeding out on floor next to them) I. Blaaaaame. Yooouuuuuuuuu…..
(Moriarty rewinds time, to the turn before)
Moriarty's phone rings
Porlock – …oh, never mind then.

ST – Moriarty short first.

ST – He's no longer entirely in the astral
Magnus – Yeah, he's in Gotham.

Moriarty – You know, if you want I can shoot your dad for you.
Orwell – I think I can manage.

Håvard - It's a castle. And it's about to be stormed by an angry mob
ST - (etc)
Håvard - So, who's Frankenstein?
Jan - Hopefully he's in another castle…

Johannes – When you have that level of power you don't need to care about morals any more.

Mal - The secret organization ruling the world is…
Mal – …I don't understand.
Kaz – ''SPECTRE''. The board of villains in the James Bond movies.
Mal – Not exactly. Less organized, I suppose.

Dian – We have access to slightly better than average equipment, you might say
Jan – We're hung

Magnus – Now you will experience the awesome power of a fully operational Thyrsus mage.
Håvard SvoenFully functional and anatomically correct, even.

Magnus – I'm tempted to text him the name of a nice restaurant.
Håvard (Krugerud?) – A place without irish.

JanMonroe er også en leder-skikkelse. Vi plukka opp det.
Magnus – Mhm.
Håvard – But don't worry, we have a man on the inside
GM – So to speak….
Håvard – *grins*

Håvard SvoenMaleficent would suggest herself as Custodian of the Profane Urim
Magnus – Hmmm….well, it is Mammon property.
Svoen & ST – Mhm, true, true.
Magnus – And she IS the most easily bullied member of our pylon.

Dian – And now you know where they live and everything
Orwell – OH GOD! I ACTUALLY DID SPYING STUFF!!! I don't know how to cope with this!

Dian – No no, we need to set up a ''Hall of Frame''.

Porlock – I foresee……rich wives that are more than they seem?
Orwell – Werewolves?!?

Orwell – Maybe the animals are afraid that you're onto them?

Maleficent – No, DAMN, I can't look at the diamond with the diamond! I need more diamonds!
ST – MAMMON! «I need MORE diamonds!»
Maleficent – Could I maybe look at it in a mirror?
Moriarty – That probably leads to a bad place

Moriarty – Ok, guys, so…we need to kill the Earth.

ST – You mean like the ancient stone tablets? The ones where the memory of them contained more information than the actual physical tablets did?
Magnus – ….that should probably have been a warning, shouldn't it?

Magnus – TABLET!
ST – As in ''stone tablet'', not ''iPod tablet''.
Magnus – Oh god, I'm showing you a tablet….on a tablet!

Håvard - We had leads
ST – And Birmingham (leads / Leeds)
Johannes - for now….
Magnus – What?
Johannes – We have plans

Maleficent – Ok, new policy: Next time Orwell asks us to do something, we waterboard him until he tells us everything.

Dian – Are you sure you didn't just have a dream?
Maleficent – Yes. There was also a horrible spider-monster piñata
Dian – Are you sure it wasn't just a scene from your childhood?

Moriarty – I guess I'll have to write an…unconventional…letter to Darth Vader.

ST – You don't have the flexibility.
Johannes – But you DO have the spear of Longuinus.

Maleficent – I don't think I would be very good at spying on the tentacle

Dian – Why do you think I faked my death twice?
Håvard Svoen – Damn those librarians! So persistent!

Håvard Svoen – That's right, we have an Acanthus. We can KILL their parents!

Håvard – I didn't expect Pantechnicon to be this shallow.

Orwell – So, what do you give an undead driver?
Maleficent – Brains? Oh, wait, you don't have any!

Maleficent – Come to think of it, do you actually swing that way? I don't think I've actually seen you with a woman yet.
Dian – Back in my day, there was no other option.

Maleficent – Or we could find Saint Patrick in the astral, and invite him into your head!
Dian – Yes! That would solve ALL my problems!

Dian – Or her. I mean, It's the 21st century: gay rights activists can be female too.

Dian – You and Presley on the other hand…..you should also keep it up. You're pretty cute together.
Owell – You're just saying that because he's useful.
Dian – Yeah.

Håvard Svoen – I will tell him after the scheme.
ST – What, you don't want to distract him with minutiae?
Magnus – What, that I was DEAD last night?!?
ST – No, no, you were dead drunk.

Håvard – Well, he's IRISH. He's sort of lost to the land of the living already.

ST – It's not like she's laminated or anything.
Magnus – She could be! It's not like I know how women work.

ST – Each of the paths has something like that.
Johannes – Yeeeah, Acanthus can always know if a woman is legal.
ST – WHAT?!?!?

Magnus - A century of careful planning, and then
«right, this is what Fate magic feels like».
Håvard Svoen – Nothing stops you from picking up the superior magic.

Moriarty – Riiiiight, phones. They're so useful, but also so evil.

(after chatting with the extremely blonde Stacey)
Johannes – This must be what people feel like when they speak to Moriarty.

Stacey – So, you're the rich one, or he is?
Håvard Krugerud – No, we both have a mutual girlfriend who supplies us with money.
Johannes – That's so sad, but so true.

Orwell – I anticipated everything….except my plan succeeding.

Håvard Krugerud – That explains why Batman is only active at night.
ST – Exactly: Because that's when his parents are dead.

Dian – On the other hand, can the dead meditate?
ST – Sort of like ''do androids dream of electric sheep?'', isn't it?

ST – (talking about Presley) There's a reason he deals with fame and media. He's good with people, but he's not so much a brain.
Magnus – (singing) it's pinky and the brain….

Krugerud – Ikke sånn hollywood-falsk, men ekte falsk.

Moriarty – Now you see what it's like being ME. Well, having to deal with unhelpful undead things.
Maleficent – Like Dian?

Tobias – So, you believe in witchcraft now?
Dian – Well, I'm Irish.
ST – WHAT?!?

Orwell – Have you read ''le mis''?
Presley – Oh, there's been made a book of it now?
Magnus – AUGH!!! shaking fists at them

ST - Actually, your raven-familiar isn't the only one out there any more. The guardian angel of the cemetary is also hovering outside the window, right behind him, also looking in, and still scowling disapprovingly at Dian.
Diaval - So….come here often?
Krugerud - Roll seduction!

Magnus - That IS a question: Does your imaginary raven poop?
Håvard Svoen - You know, I haven't checked.
ST - Ah, the high-brow philosophical and metaphysical questions that only show up in Mage.

Håvard Svoen – I'm starting to suspect that for the panopticon, if nobody's watching then it didn't happen.
Håvard Svoen – Blackmail or it didn't happen.

Magus – Bah, boundaries are for people with something to hide.

Orwell – He's backed up by two acanthi. What's the worst that can happen?

Magnus – Same thing I do every night.
ST – Turn into an undead abomination!

Johannes – We're ready to defeat…..politics?
ST – Not really. Rather like you're gonna help with making sure liberty remains defeated.
Johannes – Kicking it while it's down.
ST – More like "help keeping the boot firmly placed on its neck".
Johannes – Ah, yes, it's time for the annual boot adjustment.

ST - You don't need a demonically-empowered hormonal teenage boy on a lust-driven rape-rampage to ruin a relationship, but it helps.

Dian – I was busy watching spirits.
…And talking to spirits.
…And talking to people with sprits.
…And drinking spirits.

GM – Is there anything in the charter that forbids you from waterboarding each other?

Maleficent – Dian, please don't rouse Moriarty's hat.

Moriarty – Praetorians! We can always find an excuse to shoot something!

Dian – You have my permission to shoot yourself.

GM – But you do notice that not all animals are represented. There's certain animals that Dian knows about which aren't anywhere on the cave-paintings of all the ways animals can kill and die.
Magnus – Like Penguins?
GM – …..yes. That would also be one, true. No penguins.
But more interesting, perhaps, is that there's also absolutely no dogs. At all.
Johannes – Maybe dogs don't kill people…?

Orwell – I think we must have fucked up somewhere, if the worst thing that can happen is people giving us what we ask for.

Dian – So….come here often?
JohannesSeduce the darkness!

You're in the astral.
There's a wolf.

It's armed with a gun.

Roll initiative?

GM - You still have Death Sight active, right? So you can see how much someone has been around Death. You see something like that out of the corner of your eye.
Magnus - I turn around
GM - It's your shadow. Stretched out on the ground behind you, and it registers to your death-sense like a black hole registers for gravity.
Magnus - *groans* Oh no, Dian actually jumps at his own shadow, flinching backwards.
GM - And given that you were standing right in front of the rock face so the birds on your shoulders could read the carved text, you'd now have the rock wall at your back, so you'd jomp back into it, probably hitting your head pretty painfully.

Of course, if you're now standing with your back pressed up against the rock wall, how can your shadow be stretched out in front of you?
*the 'shadow' begins to stand up, and soon resolves itself into a hovering skeletal specter wrapped in a black shroud that flaps in the non-existant wind, holding a scythe in one hand.*
Creaure - (points a bony hand at Dian) i have come for you!
Magnus/Dian - Who are you?!?
Creaure - i am your death!
Magnus/Dian - Aaaaaah!
Johannes - So, is this an ideal time for my character to finally get back to the group?
GM - Ayup. So, Dian, you see the wolf emerging out of the fog and mist on your left, the gun still clutched in its jaws.
Magnus - Aaah, now it makes sense.

Dian - Everyone, meet my new familiar.
His Death - so…what's up?

Magnus – I swear, this will end up as some sort of children's show.
Håvard KrugerudDian the explorer?

GM – (as Dian) Death! How could you betray me!

GM – (as Dian) - I will never trust Death again!

Johannes – In that case, I'm going to shoot down the fruit.
Group - *WTF?!?*
Johannes – I brought a gun, and I'm going to use it!

GM – It is… (dramatic doom-voice) the garden of enlightenment and understanding!!!
Johannes – That has be an evil place.
Magnus – Well, the "garden of enlightenment and understanding" does sound like the sort of place the Seers would burn down pre-emptively.
Johannes – Bah, why would we burn it down? Imagine: a McDonalds on every corner.

Magnus – Don't worry, I have some books that might help.
Håvard Svoen – Bible fight!

Owell – I think I'll just retreat behind here and do mountain lion things.
Maleficent – Ritual magic!

Dian – Interesting thing: I can't sleep when I'm dead, but I can possibly sleep in my head.

Dian - Besides, I don't think I can die here.
His Death - i'm sure we can figure something out.

GM - That's actually really weird: Diaval can also speak in a language everyone can understand, but nobody tried to do telepathy with him so he could tell stuff to the whole group.
Johannes – Because he has a sense of humor.
GM – Yesss, [sarcasm] how horrible! [/sarcasm]
Magnus – Wait, and I don't?

Magnus - I'll spend the time trying to switch back and forth between being alive and being dead
GM - You want to toggle?!?

Magnus - We are chasing the worm.
Johannes – Heh.
Magnus - That is not an euphemism.
Johannes - It sure sounded like one.

(intensely waves double middle-finger)

Dian – I would prefer NOT to swim into my own heart, thank you!
Diaval – Why? You're afraid it's made of stone, and will crush you?
Maleficent – At least we know it won't be made of gold.

Maleficent – I like the suggestion that we should get to the heart of the matter.

Dian – She drowned.
Pyramid – In what?

Maleficent – With Moriarty and Orwell and Maleficent, we went into their minds, but with Dian we went straight into his heart.

ST – Sadly, Poland is not submerged in blood plasma.
Magnus – YET.
Svoen – So, first part of our invasion plan: submerge Poland in blood-plasma.

Maleficent – I feel we're learning lots of stuff here.
Orwell – Just not the stuff we came here for .
DianMy blood could invade Poland with sufficient effort!!!!

Dian – I hope there's not a throne in me.

Krugerud – Looking for thrones in all the wrong places.
Svoen – The exarchs were within you all along.

Svoen – Er det noen som sitter på tronen?
ST – Nope.
Magnus/Dian – MINE!
Svoen/Maleficent – MINE!
Krugerud – So apparently the first thing we do is argue about who gets the throne.

ST – Thyrsi never have problems with premature ejaculation. Unless there's something occult going on.
…did I just say that?!?

Svoen – Maybe you're the town bicycle.
ST – Of the universe?!?

(johannes?) - That's one thing we an brag about to our superors: we're expendable
(?Krugerud?) - Our number one selling point!

ST – Soul infection
Johannes – He has crabs!
Svoen – Soul crabs?!?

Krugerud – But this was a civilized dog: it had a gun.

Maleficent – How can I make it up to you? What do you want? Anything!
Moriarty – When we're done here, you. Are getting. THERAPY!

Magnus - I vaguely seem to remember that cars are dinosaur-proof
Svoen - Apparently ireland was more awesome than I was aware of

Krugerud - I didn't really have a choice in the underage boy thing/fling
Magnus - Suuuure

Dian - Let's go save a dinosaur's life. It's not the stupidest thing I've done today.

Krugerud - That was that happy childhood marriage
Svoen/ST - Well, it WAS happy
Krugerud - Then you ruined it. Just like your parents' marriage

Krugerud - Are my eyes still there?
ST - They seem to have melted
Krugerud - Wow. I really want to poke my finger in there

Orwell - I think what we've learned is that things can always attack us, even if they're dead
Dian - Or imaginary
Orwell - We should never come across Dracula
Dian - Or we should. We really shouldn't, but we totally should

Krugerud - I'm bleeding from the eyes, so your argument is sort of valid

Moriarty - Aah, you all look alike to me, puny humans without awesome abyssal powers!

Moriarty - The watchtower has shown me so much. I think I maybe should set it down eventually
Dian - Yes. Something should surely be put down, yes….

ST - She may be walking around, but she IS legally dead
Magnus - That's easy enough to arrange
Svoen - We're not killing her
Johannes - Now, let's not say things we can't take back

(After scrying on Marquis de Sade and catching her interest)
Moriarty - Why did you do that?!? It's like the Eye of Sauron, only sexy.

Moriarty - You think you can do bad choices in life?!? Watch THIS!

Dian - And you know, SEERS of the throne, not THINKERS of the throne

Magnus - That might be better if the corpse is also there
ST - One of the few times that phrase has ever been uttered

Krugerud - But we'd need a magically enchanted hearse
ST - When you said that, I imagined it like cinderella, with the pumpkin into a carriage, but with a hearse!
Krugerud - You really must be back before midnight
ST - Yes Voldemort, you SHALL go to the ball!

Dian - I'm not too dead to DRINK, I'm too dead to GET DRUNK. There's a difference!

Dian - In order to avoid 'canadian girlfriend' we should NOT look at the wall. Is that our conclusion?
Moriarty - Yes.

ST - Mhm, "Norma Jean", the actual birthname of Marilyn Monroe.
Magnus - ….she was born?!?!

Johannes - Ah, the Pantheon. Then again, not like we're any better.
Magnus - We are. We have absolutely NO coping methods whatsoever!

Dian - A friend of mine just got a promotion like that. Well, I should say "colleague".
Krugerud - Freudian slip!

Magnus - So, get pinocchio.
Krugerud - Then, make a table.

Magnus - I'll agree with the claim of "best girlfriend", if only because these two have boyfriends.

(?discussion about assassin's guild as business model?)
Svoen - First hit's free

Maleficent - Your shadow is a bit pale. Maybe you should see a doctor?

Maleficent - Oh god, the question I didn't expect to ask today: Does anyone have anything we can keep my boyfriend's ashes in?
Dian - So, Presley…..did you bring a lunchbox?
Presley - ….yes. I did.
Dian - SEE? The panopticon KNOWS!!!

Maleficent - I'm counting on the duct tape.
Dian - I'm counting more on the ghost being able to change the cause of death to something I can live with.

We wake a villager in the middle of the night, to ask about the Castle Perilous:
Maleficent: We’re travelers, we wanted to know about the castle.
Shark teethed halfling: I am not a tour guide.
Moriarty: Well, you're awake anyway. You might as well talk to us.

The shark toothed lady seems to be a bit of a widowmaker and has her eyes set on Dian:
Dian (OOC): How do you turn down a shark lady without causing offense?
Moriarty: Carefully.

Dian: You know what they say, it only takes one white crow to prove that not all crows are black.
ST: #notallcrows

We're guests at a mystical castle, with all that entails by the old rules:
Dian: If they attack us, then they're the ones violating hospitality.
Maleficent: And we're still screwed.
Dian: But, we'd be screwed from the moral high ground.

ST: So. You are in your rooms.
Moriarty (OOC): roll initiative.

We need to get through a hallway of swinging pendulums:
Maleficent (OOC): I just close my eyes, cast a spell and trust in pure blind luck.

Her minion, on the other hand, tries to analyze the pattern:
ST: Pattern is a visual thing, for sounds it's usually called something else.
Dian (OOC): Rhythm.
Midknight (without explaining): So, Cobain, care for a dance?
Cobain: *sputtering*

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