The Pyramid

Nature: Mage Faction
Allegiance: The Exarchs
Constituents: Ministries of the Seers

The hierarchy and bureaucratic social structure of the Seers of the Throne, the community which these mages organize themselves into, is usually referred to as "The Pyramid".


Offices & Positions


Overseer: Librarian of the Lore for regional seers (so f.ex. Overseer of California Praetorians)
Sacrum: Destroying knowledge & upholding the Lie in region (f.ex. Sacrum of Scandinavian Hegemonics)
Warmaster: General of the armed forces, counselor on martial matters
Janissary: Inquisitor in charge of upholding seer law & orthodoxy.
Quirinus: Herald between Tetrach and his followers, and with his fellow Tetrarchs


Ministry Offices



Evangeline: Amadeus
Aide to Evangeline: Nobody
Templar: Krampus



Quartermaster: Svarožič
Fourier/'Storeman': Darth Vader
Alastor: Defenestrate
Aide to Overseer: Nom de Guerre


Laws & Rules

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