Pylon wishlist

Here we can put the stuff we want to ask Dispater for, or just want in general.

Imbued items

●Book of Dreams (●●●●)
●Thing that prevents long term memories from being formed
●Destroy traces item
●Sigil mark (to stamp our sigil on documents and what not) (●●●●● ●)
●Upgrading the Staff of Sorcery to be less noticable in public, and to let Maleficent do awesome ice magic sheningangs. Putting more rotes into the staff. (?????)
●Getting an awesome sword for Midknight. Maybe with an inconspicious object enhancement.


●Codex of Lost Pages (●●●●● ●●)
●Goetic Mirror (●●●●●)
●Rings of astral unity (●●●●●)
●Orb of swift dreaming (●●●●●)


●Prime Grimoires
●Death Grimoires
●A space grimoire in the form of a model house
●Bonsai tree life grimoire
●Astral spells grimoire (that can be brought to the astral)

Enhanced items

●Enchanted police uniform or other clothes of authority
●Enchanted armor for everyday use (in case of sudden assassination attempts)


●Teacher for Matter
●Teacher for Death
●Want to know what’s up with the chancellor
●Job in mammon


●Life force for Dian.
●Bibliotek/leaflet om supernal
●Security Golem for the sanctum.

Historical/mythological stuff

●Midas’s daughter (not the seer in prague)
●Dolken til Brutus
●Laurbærkransen til Cæsar
●Gladiusen til Spartacus
●Alexander den stores Hjelm
●Sverd som drepte Arkimedes
●Head of John the Baptist
●Franklins key
●Kulen som drepte karl XII
●Veven til Gandhi
●Rosetta til mor Theresa
●Geværet som skjøt kennedy
●Babbage’s differential engine/ the original plans for it/ the two copies that have been created
●Aston Martin DB5, the one used to film Goldfinger
●pistol/rifle til Michael Collins, the bullet or rifle that killed him
●Dian's Family Rifle (confiscated in 1916)
●Lobotomisettet til Bedlam
●Shroud of Turin
●Speilet til Bloody mary
●Spydet til Leonidas
●Spyd som drepte Jesus
Korset jesus hang på
●Badge of Hoover


●Liket til Elvis
●Hagla som drepte Curt Cobain
●Warhols bilde av Monroe
●Alt relatert til Sleeping beauty fra Disney hovedkvarteret (bursdagsgave til Maleficent?)
●To moriarty: Something related to the Sherlock holmes books. The sign to his residence in Baker Street? (this partly belongs on ‘’imaginary stuff’’ list: when stories were written, his Baker Street address didn’t actually exist)
●Gold Statue of Dian drinking a Guinness


●Gutenbergs bibel
●Orwells orginale manuscript til 1984
●Godot’s Calendar/Schedule
●Anne Franks dagbok
●The evidence in the criminal investigation of the murder of Olaf Palme.
●Voynich manuscript
●Brødrene grimms originale eventyrbok
●Montaillou: The Promised Land of Error / Montaillou, Occitan Village.
●The MK-Ultra project notes

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