Psychic Assault
Arcanum: Mind ●●●
Practice: Fraying
Action: Instant
Duration: Lasting
Aspect: Covert
Cost: None
Range: Sensory
Rote Pool: Res+Intim –Res

The mage can perform a crude psychic assault, causing psychic trauma that translates into damage on a victim’s body as neurons misfire and muscles spasm damagingly. Often dismissed as a seizure or other neurological ailment, this magic constitutes a potent weapon in the awakened arsenal.

Mechanics: Each success inflict 1 Bashing damage on the target.

This spell also affects vampires and other unliving beings, even though their brains might not function in the same manner as living creatures’; their minds are still susceptible to the Mind Arcanum. Mindless entities and automatons, however, are unaffected.

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