Profane Urim

Nature: Artifact; 7 or 8 dots
Type: Profane Vestment of the Exarchs
Object: Size 4, Durability 3, Structure 7

●Contingent activation
●Sympathetic range
●Concentration duration

Description: A cloth breastplate studded with jewels and a strange ideogrammic sigil, the Seal-name of a particular Exarch, widely suspected to be the one who gifted the item to the Pyramid.

Information: The Seers of the Throne use Profane Urim to “remotely control” Sleeper slaves, using them to spy on other mages and sometimes hinder them.


Basic Urim

Rating: 7 dots
Mana Pool: 12
Share target's senses: (variant of Telepathy) Trigger is a short declaration of intent, such as “I am the ruler; yield your senses to me.”
Telepathic Control: Commands are interpreted as originating from the subject’s own self. Trigger is entering a meditative state


Superior Urim

Rating: 8 dots
Mana Pool: 13
Share target's senses
Telepathic Control
Read the Depths

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