Princes of the Many Masks

Nature: Legacy
Parent Path: Acanthus
Parent Order: Seers of the Throne
Arcana: Life (Primary), Mind (Secondary)
Nicknames: Imposters

Suggested Oblations: Dressing up in a disguise, putting on a mask, rehearsing for a play, practicing the mannerisms and habits of a person or character.
Example Concepts: Actor, con artist, undercover cop, spy, party crasher, identity thief.



1.Spy's Assist: Permanent ''body control'', sux=Life. Can use the sux as dice to fool & seem truthful
Mind 2: Auto-''first impression'', get bonus dice = Mind dots on first social roll with anyone.

2.Mask of Flesh: Change 1 feature/sux of own appearance, Wits+Subt+Life, indefinitely, as ''two faces''
Features: ●Color of eyes/skin/hair, ●hair length/texture, ●finger/toe length, ●face form, ●+/-2 inch, ●+/-10lb
Mind 3: Make target(s) think you're someone else, Int+Subt+Mind vs Com+G, indefint, as ''imposter''

3.Ultimate Perfection of Disguise: Be copy of person, indefinitely, Int+Subt+Life, as ''doppelganger''
Mind 4: Edit target's memories for 1h/use, Int+Subt+Mind vs Res+G, as ''breach the vault of memory''


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