AKA: Hunting Horrors, Chasers.
First Tongue: Nithallur
Nature: Spirit beings
Type: Embodiments of Fear & Terror, specifically that of the hunted prey.
First Encountered: 3.1 "Cleanup & Housekeeping"

Description: When it Manifests in the physical world, it is a whirl of dead leaves in the path, the shadow that creeps toward its prey, the howl from just round the bend in the trail or the gleam of teeth and predatory eyes from the darkened culvert.

In the spirit world, Hunting Horrors normally take the form of lanky creatures that often mix and match the features of great cats and feral canines.

Info: This class of spirit includes those that merely feed upon the fear generated by their prey’s head-long flight and those that also desire more exotic draughts brought on by the death throes of their victims.

Preyhounds often lurk near magical nexus points where it is easier to surprise their prey, or hibernate near the midpoints of long trails (in the Shadow). They have branched out over the decades and now can be found in the cities as well, preferring snaking alleyways, large sewers and abandoned mills — any place that might heighten their prey’s fear and prolong the chase.

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