Political Influence
lvl Assets Security Agent Input
1 Max 10 1 - 1
2 11 to 15 1 5 xp 1
3 16 to 20 2 10 xp 2
4 21 to 25 2 15 xp 2
5 26 to 30 3 20 xp 3
lvl Assets Security Agent Input
6 31 to 35 3 25 xp 3
7 36 to 40 4 30 xp 4
8 41 to 45 5 35 xp 5
9 46 to 50 4 45 xp 6
10 51 to 55 4 60 xp 7
lvl Assets Security Agent Input

●Can be written up & tracked with the associated add-on sheet
Update: The custom-made character sheet designed for this campaign has now been modified to include a section dedicated to recording the details of the character's "Political Influence" stats and values.

Influence Rating

Assets: Especially useful people or institutions character has enough control over to claim as theirs and use more or less freely. This entry lists how many "primary skill" dots the character's "assets" can have in total at the given dot-level of Influence.

Security: How effectively your character can prevent others from taking away your assets, if effort is put into it. Can be used to provide either "protection" (safety from assault) or "loyalty" (safety from conversion).

Agent: How powerful field operatives the character can got hold of & command to carry out his business. Can be a sleeper, sleepwalker, proximus, or Servitor of the type provided by the character's Ministry (if any). Statted up according to basic WoD chargen, then add any relevant template for free, then buy traits for the listed amount of xp.

Input: How much the character is able to affect the decisions and decrees of the local Tetrarchy; how much the leaders of the region's Seers listen to your suggestions and requests.


Player Characters

●If the character acquires more total points worth of Assets that the maximum given for their current Influence Rating, they gain +1 dot in Political Influence, reaching the next level up and getting all its listed benefits.
●If the character lose so many points worth of Assets that their total sum is lower than the minimum given for their current Influence Rating, they lose 1 dot from Political Influence, falling to the next level down and losing the benefits associated with the former stage.
●During chargen, each player gets 8 points to define their character's beginning Assets.
●Each Asset is a person, group or institution, with its Asset Point value indicating how many dots it has in the one single Skill that Asset can be used for.
●Once the campaign begins players won't be able to invent their own Assets or detail them as desired, but will have to seek out the pre-defined Assets which exist in the setting, and try to gain enough power over those they discover in order to claim them as their own.

●Each player gets to begin with 1 Agent "for free", without having to spend any points or dots on it, which is a beginning-lvl (0 xp) WoD character.
●As the character's Politicial Influence rating increases, they'll get an increasing amount of "free" xp to spend on their Agent's stats (and powers, if any)
●It's possible to spend the character's merit dots and/or xp on improving this Agent even more (effectively buying the "Retainer" merit and adding it to the Agent).


Influence Points

Like Willpower, Influence is made up of both a dot-rating and spendable points, and like with willpower the character can't have more spendable points than their permanent dot-rating.

Spending points
●Gain a single automatic success on a single contested or extended "political action". May spend multiple points at once like this.
●Grant 1 sux to another character’s political action, as above.
●Activate an Agent for the scene; can 'take over' the figure and play it directly. Once any player’s Agent has been dispatched on a mission, every other player may send their Agent along without paying the Influence cost.
●Make use of more than one Asset at once.

Gaining points
●Can perform a "political action" to try and gain more power over others in the region. The specifics aren't played through in detail, but handled as a "montage sequence" resolved in a single roll (similar to changelings harvesting Glamour from emotions, or vampires hunting for blood). Regain 1 point if the roll succeeds, 3 points if on an exceptional result.
●During a political 'event', the participants regain 1 point for each "political action" they successfully contribute towards the event's outcome.
●Convincing the Tetrarchy (the "ruling council" of all the region's Seers) to follow your suggestions or advice on how to handle a situaton, which involves a special "political action", gives the character +1 point per success.
●Can sacrifice 1 dot of 'permanent' Influence in order to regain points = 1/2 initial rating.


Political Actions

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