Arcanum: Prime ●●●
Practice: Weaving
Action: Instant
Duration: Prolonged
Aspect: Vulgar
Cost: 1 Mana
Range: Sensory
Rote Pool: Int+Craft




Creates an inanimate ''phantasm'', a construct woven of Mana threads. Such a creation has a degree of substance and appears to be a normal object of its type to mundane sight, but is in reality a solidified illusion. Can create books, knives, chairs, rocks or any other lifeless, inanimate objects.

Mechanics: Creates an object of Size ≤ 5, with Durability 1. The product is fragile and breaks easily.

To make this illusion convincing requires a reflexive roll of (Int + appropriate Skill +casting sux). Animal: Animal Ken. Object: Crafts. Person: Medicine (or Empathy).

size Example Objects
1 ●Binoculars, ●Flashlight, ●Handcuffs, ●Lock picks, ●Nightvision goggles, ●Pistol, ●Sattelite phone.
2 ●Baseball bat, ●Climbing gear, ●First-aid kit, ●Gasmask, ●Skateboard, ●Steel bars, ●Sword.
3 ●A 2x4 plank, ●Desktop computer, ●Manhole cover, ●Bicycle, ●Average window.
4 ●Chain-link fence, ●Lie detector, ●Spear, ●Cabinet, ●Chair, ●Wooden crate.
5 ●Biohazard suit, ●Dirt bike, ●Door (interior or exterior), ●NBC suit (nuclear, biological, chemical).

Limits: These phantasmal items don't & can't have qualities such as conductivity, magnetism or the like Phantasmal wood doesn't float in water and it doesn't fuel a fire. It can still be destroyed by being burned, however, it simply won't sustain that flame as a normal fuel source would.

At the ST's discretion, magically ''dead'' areas may not have enough ambient Mana to fabricate such an object without expending another point of Mana, but this should be the case only rarely.

Can't make: Functional Tools (with Equipment Rating), Weapons (with Damage Rating), nor Armor (with Armor Rating).

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