My future is unlimited
And I've just had a vision
Almost like a prophecy

I know - it sounds truly crazy
And true, the vision's hazy
But I swear, someday I'll be…

Flying so high, defying gravity!

2nd-degree Disciple of Mind and Space, Apprentice of Fate, Initiate of Prime, 2nd-degree Prelate in the Sword of Vision

Nature: Seer of the Throne & Player Character
Path: Mastigos
Ministry: Panopticon
Dynasty: Byzantians
Pylon: Helping Hands Consortium
Mentor: Shalott
Soundtrack: It's my Life - Bon Jovi




Real name: Miroslav Nemec
Age: 27 years old
Born: 12th of February, 1987
Nimbus: Everything seems to suddenly be much further away from the person, and everyone feels a pressing sense of being isolated.
Occupation: Market analyst for the Czech-based offices of the Facebook 'franchise'.
Spirit Animal: Lynx


Notable Gear

Path Tool: Commemorative Jáchymov Prison Coin (Disc / Pentagram)
Order Tool: Pen-shaped spy cam (Guardians)
Arcanum Tools:
Mind: Someone else's personal Diary
Space: Wooden 3D assemble/disassemble-type logic-puzzle

Magic Items:
Analyst's Spectacles
Book Of Veles
Origami Paper
Diamond Monocle


Magical Style

Concept: "Puzzles & Riddles" - Seeing everything as a puzzle that holds its own solution if you just manipulate the components, and bringing his own puzzles along and solving them into configuration that matches the situation at hand / spell that needs to be performed. Andre vifter med tryllestav, eller holder opp magisk medaljong / krusifiks, eller tegner magical glyphs, mens Orwell heller løser gåter og puslespill og IQ-nøtter, moving them through various intermediate shapes & transformative stages until he reaches the form that represent the truth / solution / answer. Consider that f.ex. in india & china you have a lot of body postures & positions with occult meaning & power, with yoga and tai chi being most famous sorts, where moving from one shape to another in right way is part of ritual & magical process. He's doing something similar, but with his mind instead, as well as with the physical puzzle, moving his own thoughts (and the components of the puzzle) through pre-defined motions involved in reaching the solution.
Favored Arcana:Mind, ●Space.
Favored Practices:Knowing, ●Ruling, ●Weaving.
Optimal Attribute: Intelligence.
Unique Benefit:
Example Equipment:


Known Merits

●High Speech 1 (free for all mages with Order membership)
●Proximus 1
●Status (Seers) 2
●Status (Panopticon) 1
●Mystery Commands 2
●Contacts 1
●Resources 1 (3)
●Mentor (Shalott) 2
●Language (english) 1
●Library (resonance) 1
●Good Time Managment 1
●Interdisciplinary Specialty (family) 1
●Sanctum 1
●Hallow 1


Political Influence

Rating: 2 dots
Agent: Josef Cervenka
Law Firm: Intimidation +3
Club Owner: Socialize +3
Local Politician: Politics +2
Accountant: Subterfuge +4



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