Origami Paper

Nature: Grimoire

Description: A square sheet of paper decorated with a bland abstract pattern, somewhat like a black and white piece of wallpaper. It has obviously been folded several times and in many different way, being rather well-worn by now.

Info: When folded in the proper way to produce specific origami figures, the patterning overlaps in such a way as to form the instructions for how to cast a Rote, with each figure revealing a different spell. Naturally, all of them involve magics from the Space arcanum.



SHAPE Spell Arcana Dice pool Traits Function
Flower Finder Space 1-2 Int + Invest Locate item within area. Space 2: Find anywhere
Cube/Ball Astral Beacon S 2, Mind 2 Int + Occult E Make a ''shortcut'' to astral location
Butterfly Double Shape Space 3 Int + Craft E, V Bond items so only 1 of them exists at a time
Crane Panorama Space 3 Int + Invest Remote-view several targets at once, 1/sux
Horse Portal Space 3 Int + Invest E, V, T, 1M Open a gateway between two separate places
Whirlybird Crossroads Space 4 Int + Acad V, T, 1M Open multiple portals simultaneously
Duckling Fold Object S 4, Matter 2-3 Int + Craft V Render an object 2-dimensional, and ''bendable''
Hop-Frog Shatter Space S 4, Fate 2 Int + Subter V, T, 1M Divide area into reshuffling segments
Hide Space Space 5 Int + Invest E, A Spatially warp an area into a 'labyrinth',
so that the central location is hard to find
Tesseract Dimensional Axis Space 5 Int + Invest E, V, A Make 1 location per sux exist in the same place
Lotus Phased Strike S 5, Matter 3-5 Int + Subter V, M/use Can make attacks pass through solid armor

E = Extended, V = Vulgar, T = Transitory, A = Advanced Prolongtion, M=Mana cost

(Assume Instant, Covert, Prolonged & zero mana cost otherwise)

Fold Object

Arcanum: Space 4 +Matter 2/3
Practice: Patterning
Range: Touch
Dice Pool: Int + Crafts
Action: Instant
Duration: Prolonged
Aspect: Vulgar
Cost: None

Changes a three-dimensional object into a two-dimensional one. Its weight stays the same, but its volume is reduced accordingly. This also allows it to be folded like paper.

Mechanics: This effect shunts most of the object's mass into an extra-dimensional space, turning it into a silhouette of itself. Its weight and Structure remain the same, but its physical properties are altered, making it bendable & foldable, since that happens in a direction the item doesn't exist in.

The caster can affect 5 cubic feet of solid matter per sux. The item returns to full volume instantly when the spell expires; anyone standing nearby may be subject to ''Knockdown'' (WoD core p168).


Shatter Space

Arcanum: Space 4 +Fate 2
Practice: Unraveling
Range: Sensory
Dice Pool: Int + Subterfuge
Action: Instant
Duration: Transitory
Aspect: Vulgar
Cost: 1 Mana

Divides an area into “cells” that cease to be geographically contiguous with one another; their spatial interaction is determined randomly. The most common use of the spell is to hinder targets caught in the cells from easily traveling to other cells within the spell’s area.

Mechanics: Affects an area based on the number of successes rolled. This area is sectioned off into cells by the caster; he can create one division per dot of his Intelligence.
Result 1 sux 2 sux 3 sux 4 sux 5 sux
Area 5 cu. yards 10 cu. yrds 20 cu.yrds 40 cu.yrds 80 cu.yrds

Fortunately, this effect cannot cut objects or living things into pieces when it sections them off into cells. It may, however, wreak indirect havoc with people and objects outside of the spell’s area, as they no longer have any spatial relationship with objects inside the spell’s area. This might cause buildings to lean (but not collapse), vehicles to make strange detours and other chaotic events (most of which are left to player cleverness and Storyteller discretion).

A target can leave his or her cell by stepping into another, randomly selected cell, even if it is not geographically contiguous. The caster can designate cells in three dimensions, so that a target may step from ground level to a cell in the air. He will then fall, but he might not suffer injury: as he falls from his cell into another, his destination is again randomly determined; if the new cell is on the ground level, he’ll only suffer a short fall of a few feet at best. The targets’ movements are not hindered, so he might move through several cells of space in a single turn.

In addition, a cell’s orientation is randomly shifted, so that a person running forward might suddenly find himself in a cell in which he is running in the opposite or a sideways direction. He can control his orientation and movement within a cell, but has no control over the orientation of his randomly chosen destination cell.

In all cases, the Storyteller determines where each cell leads, either randomly (roll dice or use some other method based on the number of cells) or to fit the course of the story.

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