One hand Ivan

Nature: Sleeper
Type: Crimelord
First Encountered: 2.4 "Give Us Our Daily Bread & Circuses"


Info: A crime lord with a really well armed gang who tried to kill Mellie Malone by giving her cement shoes. We put a stop to that by rusting away his gun (which then exploded in his hand, more or less destroying his hand) and then ran him over with the Zaporozhets. He had a very loyal bodyguard, Ex-KGB guy who protected him and kept trying to murder us.

Mellie Malone managed to steal Orwell's mobile phone and film Ivan and his gang shooting wildly at us. That video, along with all the evidence at the scene gave the police more than enough evidence to send him to the courts, and maybe jail (Where Nergal is waiting).

Kazimir Làska used to work for him.

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